If You Want to Give Your Relationship a Fresh Start, Here's What You Can do ...


With the arrival of spring is the desire to clean and renew things in our life. Your relationship shouldn’t be left out of that. Relationships can be neglected from regular maintenance. Spring is the perfect time to give your relationship the time and attention it needs. These’re 7 ways to spring clean your relationship.

1. Let Bygones Be Bygones

Are you holding onto any kind of grudge or hard feelings against your partner? It’s easy to do. When you spring clean your relationship this should be the first thing to go. Purpose to let go of your anger and resentment against your partner for things that happened in the past. It’s as much of a gift to you as it is to your partner.

Ask Your Partner What’s Important to Him


Konna SD
This article is really good, simple and helping. ^^ btw can you send me somehow the photo you added on it?
Louise A
Our relationship has been a bit stale and rocky lately so I am going to try a few of these ideas. We have never been to the movies in three years so it's height time we went I think!
@carey, not sure how to answer that butt this site might help :) http://thetherapyoflove.com
Since my bf and I moved in together we immediately fell into the "old married couple routine". No more dates or going out at all. We went to the movies twice since then "a year ago" and nothing else. ...
peony blue
Yes it is all about talking and there is enough problems in the world. I will say enjoy each other and thats that.
This article is perfect for me right now! My bf and I are going through a rough patch and it might help to do a little spring cleaning
Sometimes the best spring cleaning for a relationship is to let it go
Very good common sense advice. Thank you
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