Strut Your Stuff - 7 Ways to Get Your Boyfriend's Attention ...


Sometimes you may feel like you need to do a little something different to get your boyfriend’s attention. Maybe you feel he’s not being as attentive as he should be or you just want to add a little more spice to your relationship. These are 7 things that’re sure to do that. Use one, two or all of them; it’s all about how much attention you want to get.

1. Send Him a Suggestive Text

This can go anyway that you want it to. Sending a suggestive text can be as simple as telling him you’re excited about the plans that the two of you have made or something much racier. This is a personal thing. You know your guy better than anyone so you shouldn’t have any trouble coming up with a sweet or sexy text to send him. As long as it achieves the goal of getting his attention, you’ve succeeded.

Change up Your Makeup


Good tips… but its uncomfortable walking in front of ur guy nd knowing he is looking at u'r ass!!!but wearing something sexy to surprise ur guy really works👌😊
Or just be yourself...
this is perfection.
1 and 7 👌
Hahaha then there is me... Forever aloneeee
Isamar, every woman has a beautiful just have to walk like you're beautiful, because you are! You want to catch a guy's attention, and keep it, just keep your head high, shoulders back, and...
"Most women have a beautiful feminine walk" lmao not me
I never knew you could contract 'this' and 'is' (this's), it's cool, but how would you pronounce it since 'this' already ends with an s.
I want to be a chase!! Me and my daughters father are working on getting back together and I want be a chase but with a twist do any of you lovely ladies have tips or ideas please?? :)
Jennifer Gordon
Good tips, just don't have the confidence and not sure that he thinks of me as anything more then a good friend even though we were cuddling last night for a while now just confused
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