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How to Find a Great Date Online ...

By Teresa

Dating is tough in this world because most of it happens online these days. If you’re looking to start online dating but don’t really know where to start, these tips are sure to get you on the road to online dating in no time. Whether you’re looking for a serious significant other or just someone to talk to, these tips are the best and easiest ways to find a great date online! #ReaderKnows

Table of contents:

  1. Search your mutual interests
  2. Look for a site that fits your needs
  3. Be honest with your intentions
  4. Let your personality show
  5. Be casual
  6. Don’t be afraid to meet in person
  7. But know them well before you meet

1 Search Your Mutual Interests

You don’t necessarily need to join a dating site to find a great date online. Instead, search around on your social media account of choice for people in the area with the same interests as you. If you have a TV show obsession, search for that TV show around your location and you may just find someone you could naturally start a relationship with on the Internet!

2 Look for a Site That Fits Your Needs

If you are going to go the dating site route, find one that fits what you’re looking for. There are so many different sites out there, from ones that fit your religion, to your interests, and everything in between. You may have more success on a website that’s more tailored to exactly what you’re looking for.

3 Be Honest with Your Intentions

Don’t just be honest with your potential dates, be honest with yourself as well. If you’re not looking for just some random hookups, Tinder might not be the best dating site for you. There are so many different dating sites that cater to exactly the kind of relationship you’re looking for that there’s no reason to waste your time on sites you know aren’t right for you.

4 Let Your Personality Show

In your responses to the questions on the site, be yourself. Don’t be worried about being someone or something you’re not. Instead, focus on just being like yourself. If you’re not being yourself in your responses, you’re going to attract people who aren’t compatible with you. The more real you are, the more compatible you’ll be with your matches because you won’t have to worry about keeping up the façade you created on your profile!

5 Be Casual

Don’t put too much into one person. Online dating is pretty casual in nature, so the more that you focus all of your energy on one person, the less you’re making yourself open to other people on the site. Don’t tie yourself down to one person too quickly, because there are thousands of other people you could be talking to!

6 Don’t Be Afraid to Meet in Person

After you really start to get to know the person, be open to meeting them. Meeting someone you met online doesn’t have to be this big, scary thing. If you enjoy talking to them online, you’d probably enjoy talking to them in person just as much, so take that next step!

7 But Know Them Well before You Meet

That being said, make sure that you know the person before you meet them. You don’t want to be stuck on a date with someone you really don’t get along with because you thought you’d try it out. The more you know them and get along with them online, the better your chances are that you’ll get along with them in person too.

What are your tips and tricks for meeting the perfect online date? Let me know in the comments!

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