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Here Are the 7 Things You Should Be Happy to do for Your BF ...

By Alison

Being in a relationship means being unselfish sometimes and doing things to make your partner happy. Of course, it doesn't mean that you should be a doormat and do anything to keep him. You need to be smart and be happy yourself! But there are some things that anyone should do for their partner. Here are the 7 things you should be happy to do for your boyfriend …

1 Learn about His Interests

You might not be that interested in some of the things he's into. But keep an open mind, and try to learn something about his hobbies and interests. He'll want to share his enthusiasm for cars, sports or music, so give it a go. You never know - you might find out that you really enjoy it, and you'll have something to share!

2 Try Something New

Whether it's in the bedroom or outside, be ready to try something new. If he's heavily into country music, listen to some of his CDs or go to a concert with him. If he loves Asian food, look for a new restaurant you can eat at together. He'll appreciate your willingness to experiment and try new things.


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3 Support Him Working to Improve His Prospects

Encourage and support your boyfriend if he wants to study and improve his career prospects. Studying is hard work and a big commitment, so he can do with your support. It won't be fair on you if he wants to go to college just so he can party, but him studying for a better career will benefit both of you in the long term.

4 Pay for Your Nights out … Sometimes

Yes, some girls do still think that guys should pay for everything. Well, this is the 21st century and if we want equality we should be prepared to give it as well. It goes both ways. So pay for your nights out sometimes; if you have less money than he does, at choose a cheaper night out but pick up the check.

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5 Listen to Him

Men have a reputation for not wanting to talk about themselves and their feelings, but we really shouldn't generalise that much. Every guy is different, and it's healthy to talk about your feelings. So listen to your guy and encourage him to talk to you when he's worried or concerned - whether it's directly about you or not.

6 Make a Fuss on His Birthday

When his birthday comes round, make a fuss of it. Be sensitive though to his likes and dislikes; if he hates a public fuss, don't organise a party for 500 people. You can still make the day special for the two of you; take him to a show, have an indulgent evening at home, or take a drive somewhere meaningful.

7 Help Him Stay Healthy

One of the best things you can do for your boyfriend is help him stay healthy. If he wants to start an exercise regime or lose some weight, help and support him. Having a cheerleader can make such a difference, so support him by buying healthy food options instead of wanting takeout.

Should you do anything for your boyfriend, whatever it may be? Not if he asks you to do something that puts you at risk or makes you unhappy. But part of being in a relationship is making compromises, so sometimes it's a positive thing to do something you're not so keen on. Can you be too keen to keep him happy though - where do you draw the line?

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