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Sometimes shyness can prevent you from experiencing all kinds of fun things, and it can even affect your love life by making it hard for you to find a partner. Worrying about interactions or about outside perceptions can hinder your options or your social interactions in the love department. The good news is that there are still a few things you can do to come out of your shell in social settings and meet an awesome partner. There are plenty of ways to make yourself more approachable, increasing the number of dates you’ll have. If you are shy and single, just use these next tips to find love:

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Make Eye Contact

If you are looking for love but you are really shy, try to make yourself more approachable. The easiest way to do that is by making eye contact with the people you meet, especially with the ones who interest you. Don’t forget to smile though, because this way, you will also seem friendly and nice.


Open up Your Body Language

People will approach you more often if you just give them the chance or the opportunity to do so. Open up your body language by standing facing the crowd and by uncrossing your arms. Smile more often and show others what a great catch you are.


Stay out of the Corners

When you are in a room full of people, don’t hide! Stay away from the corners and get in the middle of the room where the people are. Step out of your comfort zone and allow others to get to know you better.


Focus on Making Others Feel Comfortable

Even though this may sound a bit odd, try to focus on making others feel comfortable, rather than making yourself feel this way. People love being around someone who is optimistic, cheerful and fun and you’re all that, so just step out of your comfort zone and show people your true colors.


Be Easy to Approach but Hard to Obtain

Even though playing hard to get is not always a good thing, a lot of people do prefer a good challenge when they are looking for love. Yet, try to save the challenge for later. Be approachable, make eye contact, smile and give them the clear signal that it’s cool to break the ice.


Other People Are Just like You

Just keep in mind that these people you fear or that you are intimidated by are human just like you. They have a lot of great qualities but also some flaws, just like everybody else. Some of them are even just as afraid of approaching you as you are of them. So don’t be intimidated by them; just smile, make eye contact and show them what a wonderful lady you are.


Compliment People More Often

If you want to meet new people, you should keep in mind that there’s nothing better than a compliment to brighten someone’s day. This will also help you break the ice and you will seem friendly and approachable. Giving compliments is also a good conversation starter and a great way of making new friends.

If you are looking for love but you are shy and you fear approaching new people, you could join a meet-up group or an organization outside your comfort zone, like a hiking group, an art appreciation class, a travel group or a skydiving club, but don’t forget about brightening up your wardrobe; wear some warm and inviting colors that will help you get noticed by other people. Do you have any other tips for the shy single ladies who are looking for love? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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Good point. Sometimes our own conceived insecurities make us think of things that do no exist. Mingle be friendly and see what happens

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