7 Subtle Ways to Show Affection in Public to Avoid Being Inappropriate ...


There are little ways to show affection in public that won’t bother those around you. As much as you love making-out with your partner, you know how bothersome cutesy couples are. It’s frustrating when you’re out with your family and see two people in love that are on top of each other, being loud while you’re just trying to go about your day. To avoid being the couple that everyone hates, use these subtle ways to show affection in public:

1. Play Footsie

No one will see what you’re doing beneath the table. If you’re out at a restaurant with your partner, rub your foot up against theirs. It’s one of the ways to show affection in public that no one else will notice. Of course, if you’re out with a large group of people, just make sure that you’re touching the right person. You don’t want to create an awkward situation.

Hold Hands


My ex and I almost got kicked out of a coffee shop because he was being too touchy-feely. Wish he would've known this!
Sasa Fab
Nice article... I like the play footsies part...that could lead to other games under the table! Lol
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