7 Things to do when You and Your Boyfriend Are Not Talking ...

By Alicia

7 Things to do when You and Your Boyfriend Are Not Talking ...

It can be tough to deal when you and your boyfriend are not talking. It can feel stressful, upsetting, and feel as if things may never be right in your world again. These are some suggestions of things you can do when you and your boyfriend are not talking, to make it easier for you to handle that (hopefully very brief) time period.

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Give Him Time to Think

Generally, if you and your boyfriend are not talking, there has been an argument or disagreement of some sort. That can feel very overwhelming to some guys (and to us!). They generally need more time than we do to process their thoughts and emotions after a conflict. So one good thing to do is back off a little when you and your boyfriend are not talking. It's a better option than forcing the issue when he isn’t ready and making the argument bigger.


It's important to remember that when you and your boyfriend are not talking, it's not necessarily a bad thing. It could just be a sign that he needs some time to think things through. Give him some space and time to reflect on the situation and come to his own conclusions. This will help him to process his thoughts and emotions, and it will give you both a chance to cool off. It's also important to remember that communication is key in any relationship. If you're not talking, it's important to find a way to bridge the gap and get back on the same page.


Consider Your Part in the Disagreement

It can be wise to consider your part in the disagreement when you and your boyfriend are not talking. Consider if perhaps you were wrong. Think about if you said things you wish you hadn’t. Taking responsibility for your part in an argument is a mature action. It doesn’t mean it's all your fault, but that you'll own up to your part.


Think about What You Want to Say

It's also good to think about what you want to say when you and your boyfriend do talk again. Think about the main ideas that you want to share. Here is a little secret, ladies: Endless details will be lost on a man. Think about only the most important points you want to get across, so you're prepared when you do talk.


Talk to a Friend

It can be good to hash through the situation with a wise friend. They can give you an outside opinion and even bring things to light you may not have considered. Sometimes a friend who's a bit older and more experienced can be helpful in this. Your mom or an aunt may even be an option. Just be sure to choose someone you respect and who seems to know what she's doing in her own romantic relationships.


Go Have Some Fun

There's no need to sit around moping and crying when you and your boyfriend aren’t talking. While you may be upset at first, continuing to dwell on the situation can only make you feel worse. Getting out can help get your mind off of it. Meet a girlfriend for lunch or go shopping. The situation may seem much milder after getting out.

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Let Him Miss You

Here is secret number two, loves. It's good to let your guy miss you a little bit. Of course you can call and text and reach out to him; we're modern women. But sometimes it'[s also good to let him miss you, especially when you're in the middle of an argument.


Reevaluate the Relationship

It's also wise to take the time you aren’t talking to reevaluate your relationship a little bit. Are there any red flags you should be seeing? Is it a normal disagreement that most couples might have? Or is it an argument you're having because your boyfriend is controlling, selfish or overly jealous? Evaluating the relationship is sometimes important to do.

These are 7 things you can do when you and your boyfriend are not talking. What do you do when you are in this situation? What’s your advice to other girls?

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Get your chores done. Guys distract you and things get piled up.

I am struggling right now with my girlfriend and this really opened my eyes up. I know this is for girls but this did make me see it from her point of view. Thanks heaps ;-)

Nice one. I hope I can do it. Since I am a very weak lady :(

I used to be too stressed when we are not talking with my boyfriend.....now I know how to handle him when it come there....thanxs very much for this beautfull article...

My fave is silent treatment ... And if you are right sometimes a taste of their own medicine is needed .. Fare is fare after all girls .. None of this one rule for him and another for me BS !!! Do I hear an amen?

Hook up with someone else to pass the time.. Just kidding ;)

I’m dealing with this right now but I’m near the end of a 15 year relationship with a narcissistic jerk . He doesn’t have the ability to take responsibility for his own actions so it’s a waste of time and LIFE. Thank you ❤️Great Article!!!

Thank you very much. This article came at the right time

#1 no because he always just ignores me and I have to say sorry when I did nothing

Within 13 months I witnessed the deaths of my beloved mum then dad at home(not COVID). The day dad died, my sister was taken to ICU close to death from COVID. Luckily she survived. I know I’ve emotionally disconnected from everyone. I have suffered grief depression, dissociation, complex grief ever since. My boyfriend of 22 years (we live separately) doesn’t know what to do with my grief stricken change of existence. Our relationship has changed forever & taken a turn for the unknown. I’m seeing a grief psychologist. Any suggestions.