7 Text Messages Your Guy Would Love to Receive from You ...


7 Text Messages Your Guy Would Love to Receive from You ...
7 Text Messages Your Guy Would Love to Receive from You ...

Are you wracking your brain trying to think of text messages your guy would love to receive? Let me give you a little inspiration. These are some text messages sure to make your guy’s day. If you want to make sure that you stay on mind, try one of these text messages your guy would love to receive.

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“You’re My Hero”

This is probably one of the top text messages your guy would love to receive from you. Every guy wants to know that he is a hero to his girl. Maybe it’s because he’s always there for you or even because he has rescued you when your car broke down. There are tons of reasons that you could feel this way. The important thing is that you let him know this is how you feel about him. This is one he will brag about to his buddies.


“You’re so Hot”

Who doesn’t love this sort of text, really? Girl or guy, this is a text that will absolutely make your day. If you want to go a step further than giving this basic compliment, you can even tell him what it is about him that is so hot to you. If he has the most gorgeous eyes, tell him you love them. He will love the details you give him on what you love.


“I Can’t Wait to See You”

Let him know you love being with him. Sending this simple little text will tell him how awesome you think he is. It lets him know that you enjoy every minute of his company. Guys love to know they are making the girl in their life happy. This is also a simple little way to let him know how you feel about the relationship; that it is obviously in a good place in your opinion.


This text is a great way to let your guy know how much you appreciate him and how much you value your relationship. It conveys your feelings of love and admiration for him in a simple yet meaningful way. It also lets him know that you are happy to spend time with him and that you look forward to seeing him. This text is sure to put a smile on his face and make him feel special. Sending this text will show your guy that he is important to you and that you care about him.


“I’m Thinking about You”

This text leaves an opening for him. You are setting him up to wonder just what exactly that you are thinking about him. This is a great way to flirt with him and get him to answer back and ask what you are thinking. Then you can either tell him or leave him to wonder. A little mystery is always good for a relationship.


“I Miss You”

This is a simple and sweet text to send to your guy. This is one you want to use carefully, though. If you are only beginning to see each other exclusively, you may want to hold back on it for a bit. He could feel rushed or pressured in your relationship. But if you are a couple definitely committed to one another, this will remind him just why he loves you so much.

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“I Love Your Sexy Voice”

Every guy loves to know his girl loves the sound of his voice. Admit it, you love when you hear him on the other end of the line. Why not tell him so? It’s good to compliment what you enjoy. And it makes him feel confident about calling you since he knows you love to hear from him.


“I Had a Great Time with You”

This is a great way to let him know you enjoyed your time together without putting any pressure on him. You are letting him know how you felt about the time you spent together. If your relationship is very new, it can encourage him to ask you out on another date. But this is also a good text to send if you have been together a few weeks or a few years. It always works.

What are your favorite texts to send to your guy? Share them with us! We can inspire each other.

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My guy has been acting distant but says it's fine. Me bringing him up pushes him away, but I just want t to be normal again, what do I do?

This is bullshit. My BF made fun of me for texting him that I think he is hot :-(

I've said all but #2 and #6 - looks like I've got some homework to do 😉

"I want to kiss you right now." I text this to my boyfriend all the time.

I remember one of my partners txt's it read i cannot go a few mintutes of without things reminding me of you come home pleeesseee i want to be cuddled !

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