3. Put Yourself out There

Remember when I said that bad girls are outgoing? You’ve got to get some of that in yourself! Walk up to a guy at the bar and ask him out, pull some different sexual moves with your boyfriend – be bold ladies! Nobody can do this step but you and it’s a necessary step to stop being a sweet girl!

Write Sexy Notes to Your Boyfriend


@Heather Jensen, OK. That makes sense. But hopefully, they both discover how nice the good things are in each other and see the "appeal of the unworthy" for the trap it is.
Heather Jensen
Hi Ken! There is absolutely nothing wrong with a sweet girl, but sometimes, if a sweet girl's crush wants someone that is a little bad ass, they might want to change. Maybe -- it's up to the girl! :)
Can someone explain what is "wrong" with a sweet girl? I presume sweet girls will be passionate once the right guy makes a commitment. And that certainly isn't "bad"!
Heather Jensen
Thank you Heidi! Keep reading! :)
Great Post!
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