The Big Differences between Male Cheats and Female Cheats ...


The Big Differences between Male Cheats and Female Cheats ...
The Big Differences between Male Cheats and Female Cheats ...

Here’s the thing, human beings are animals that make mistakes, and sometimes they are animals that make deliberate mistakes like cheating! Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is something that only men do; there are more than a fair share of women out there who live a cheating lifestyle as well. What is interesting about the situation is that, when you take a closer look, there are actually things that define each gender. Here are some differences between male cheats and female cheats!

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You can call it a part of a mid life crisis if you want to, but figures have revealed that men are much more likely to cheat on a partner when they reach a certain milestone birthday, whether it be 30 or 40 or 50. I think it probably has something to do with the feeling that they are running out of time, and feel compelled to spread their oats before it is too late.



Apparently, when it comes to cheating, men are much more likely to stray based solely on physical looks, whilst women tend to cheat if they find an emotional connection with someone that they haven’t been getting from their current partner.



A big difference is that for the majority, it isn’t lust that drives women to cheat, it is actually a feeling of loneliness and despondency in their current relationship. They aren’t so interested in straying for pure sex, it is more about connecting with someone and being given fulfilling company.


More Often

The rate of cheating among female partners has risen dramatically in the last few generations. In fact, numbers have increased by as much as 40 percent since 1990. The rate for males cheating has stayed the same, but it’s important to remember it was already super high to start with!


Males Cheat More

It might not be a surprise, but the stats show that men are much more likely to cheat than women. Surveys have shown that 20 percent of men have admitted cheating on a partner, compared to 13 percent of women.


Wealth is a Factor

Other surveys have shown a link between a man’s wealth and the likelihood of him being a cheater. Apparently, the richer you are, the more inclined you are to cheat, probably because you have a feeling of superiority and ego that you are never going to get found out!


Emotional Guilt

Maybe not surprisingly, it is women who feel the most emotional guilt when cheating. Whilst a man might be able to carry on as if nothing ever happened, a woman tends to have a harder time coming to terms with what she has done.

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What’s if he cheats and agrees to never talk to her again and she calls and he lies about her calling but I see that she called what do I do forgive him or leave

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