The 8 Biggest 👐 Secrets 🙊Men 🧔 Hide from Their Partner 💑 ...

In an ideal world, you and your partner wouldn’t have any secrets from each other, and you would live together in completely honest and transparent love bubble, but I think we are all too realistic to think that this is the case! Now, I’m not saying that hiding really big, damaging secrets is something that should be expected and tolerated, but when it comes to smaller, more insignificant factors, a little secrecy is always going to be present! Even if you think your boyfriend is completely honest with you at all times, I can guarantee there are a few things that he isn’t divulging! Here are the eight biggest secrets that men hide from their partners!

1. They Look at Porn

It doesn’t matter how great your sex life is, and how happy and content you are together, the reality is that he is probably looking at porn on the side! It’s up to you whether you want to be upset about this or not, but if it’s not a real addiction, I wouldn’t worry too much!

2. How Often They Look at Porn

Oh and by the way, when I say he looks at porn, I mean he probably looks at porn, like, every day! It has probably just become a habit at this point, just like checking Facebook and scrolling through Instagram!

3. Insecure about Looks

It’s very common for women to talk about their insecurities with regards to their looks, but guys have exactly the same thoughts, they just tend to keep them under wraps. I guess it isn’t ‘cool’ for a guy to worry about his looks, but it’s definitely a thing.

4. Spending

The classic stereotype is a wife hiding receipts from her husband so he can’t see how much she spent when shopping, but it works both ways! Lots of men will hide their spending from their girlfriends, for the very same reason.

5. Family Issues

You might be an open book, but sometimes guys find it harder to talk about family issues that they might have gone through in the past. Don’t be surprised if he is keeping a couple of family skeletons in the closet.

6. Sex Stories

Whether to avoid embarrassing himself or to spare your jealousy, he is probably keeping a handful of wild and awkward sex stories close to his chest from before you were together!

7. Inheritance

Some guys have a complex about women who are only with them for money, so they tend to keep any inheritances that they are due to come into a secret. Doesn’t say much about their trust issues, does it?

Would you mind your man keeping any of these secret from you?

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