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16 Things Even Oblivious Men Will Always Notice about a Woman ...

By Leiann

I sure was fooled! There were things I thought mattered and things I did not think mattered and was completely wrong about almost all of them! How about you? Watch!

1 Perfume

I was right on this one! Perfume can be intoxicating.

2 Nail Polish

Until this past Christmas, I hardly painted my nails. There was no man in my life then or now, so I am not sure if a man has really even noticed.


Metallic outfit

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3 Eyebrows

Some women are blessed with thick eyebrows. Myself, I am not one of them. Back in the day, I would paint them on. I may have looked like a clown, but what was I to do?

4 Eyelashes

Again, are you blessed? I think it depends on the size of your eyes. If you have small eyes, yes, mascara can make them look bigger. But, also, easy to smudge when applying, making it look sloppy.

5 Make-up

I feel so much better with make-up on personally. But, he IS going to eventually see you without it on. Should be let him see naturally from the get-go? A tough call.

6 Pimples

Hey, men get them also. A little concealer is all you need. If the problem persists, see a dermatologist.

7 Leg Stubble

The video says no big deal, but I think big deal. Personally, I recommend Avon Skin So Soft Hair Removal Cream. Lather the cream on and leave on for 8 minutes. Wipe off and be hair free for about 3 days with no knicks or scratches.

8 Dirty Shoes

Maybe buy yourself one good pair of shoes for dates. If you are mixing and matching your outfits, having the same shoes on all of the time is not even going to be noticeable.

9 Wrinkled Clothes

I am guilty of wrinkled clothes. Ironing clothes has never been my specialty. As mother would say, place on a hanger when taken right out of the dryer.

10 Worn-out Clothes

I buy my clothes from thrift shops. So, if he does not like...tough.

11 Stretch Marks

Have you lost weight? Good for you! Have you given birth? Good for you! Completely understandable reasons for having stretch marks!

12 Belly Fat

Do you suffer from over-production of cortisol? This is caused by anxiety, stress, and fear. Stress reduction, exercise, and good nutrition can help!

13 Unwashed do

Recently, I saw a woman with gorgeous hair. I asked her how she does it. She told me she does not wash her hair every day, but uses Dove Dry Shampoo. That same week, she brought me a bottle. I used it and I am sold! The product even smells so good!

14 Lingerie

I completely think these items are yuck. Maybe because I have never been married. I don't know. Maybe I am just too much of a good girl.

15 Swearing

When I hear a man swear? A total turn-off. I think a woman swearing is a total turn-off to a man, although a man might not say so.

16 Smoking

If he does not like your smoking, simply excuse yourself, smoke, then return.

What do YOU think of all of these?

I think this would be a good discussion with your BFF. Maybe even a good research project!

I hope you found the video interesting. I hope you get a good catch!

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