The Biggest Turn off for Your Zodiac Sign ...

By Melly

The Biggest Turn off for Your Zodiac Sign ...

I often think about how boring the world would be if every single one of us was into the same things, from music to books to fashion to makeup and of, course, in the bedroom! The beautiful thing about human romance is that we all have such wide and varying tastes: what one person might find sexy, you might find absolutely gross! Here is **what your biggest turn off is according to your zodiac sign. **

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You love to be in control, so what turns you off the most is a guy who has that same attitude and who you end up butting heads with all the time. You need someone who is happy to take the passenger seat!



You are a real social butterfly who loves to be out and about all the time, so it’s a real turn off for you if a guy is shy and lacks your enthusiasm for being the life of the party.



You are a very grounded and stable person, so it really turns you off when someone is unpredictable and constantly on the move in all directions. You need a sense of calm in your relationships.



You are always drawn to people who you think really ‘get you’, so a big turn off for a Cancer is guy who is mysterious and whose true feelings can never really be figured out and understood.



You absolutely love the spotlight, so a big turn off for you is a guy who loves it just as much as you do and actively tries to steal your thunder when you are out on the town with him!

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You are very goal driven and practical, which means that you are massively turned off when a guy appears to be lazy and unmotivated about his life.



You are famous for your love of cooperation and teamwork, so if a guy comes across as super selfish and stubborn, you will not be interested at all!



You have trouble opening up to people at the best of time, so the biggest turn off for you is when you get the sense that a guy might be dishonest and shady.



You are free loving and hate to be tied down to any one thing, so a big turn off for you would be a guy who was already dead set in his ways and unable to step off his current life path at all.



You have a very strong sense of self discipline, and you get massively turned off by guys who appear to have self control and self respect. You hate irresponsible people!



You are naturally very strong and independent, so your biggest turn off tends to be a guy who is too emotional needy and clingy. You can’t relate to that kind of attitude!



You are the most compassionate and approachable of all the signs, so your biggest turn off is definitely a guy who comes across as bossy, narrow minded and abrasive. The opposite of the vibes you appreciate.

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