The Kissing Style of Your Zodiac Sign ...


The Kissing Style of Your Zodiac Sign ...
The Kissing Style of Your Zodiac Sign ...

When you really think about it, kissing is such a simple thing that you wonder why people make such a big deal of it! At its basic level, it’s just one person putting their lips on another person’s lips, but you know just as well I do that there is so much more to it! Here is your signature kissing style according to your zodiac sign.

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You can’t stand anything that feels too generic, so your kisses are a real roller coaster of adventure! You aren’t afraid to bite a lip or two, along with getting your tongue in every corner!



As far as a Taurus is concerned, it’s the longer the better when it comes to kissing. You can’t stand little pecks on the lips; you need a good frenchie every time!



You want every single kiss that you have to be perfect, which means that you like to spend time setting up the perfect ambience whenever you can.



You are all about high romance, so you love a dramatic, passionate kiss. You like to feel like you are attached to your partner in every way.



You are a great kisser, maybe the best of all the signs, which means that the world is your oyster when it comes to kissing because you have already mastered all of the techniques!



You are hard to impress, which means that you like to take control of your kissing sessions so that your partner doesn’t get the chance to do something you don’t like!


Virgos are known to be perfectionists and this is reflected in their kissing style. They are very particular about the details and take charge of the session, making sure that everything is done to their satisfaction. They don’t like surprises when it comes to kissing and prefer to take the lead. Virgos are known to be passionate and attentive kissers, but they can also be a bit too critical if their partner doesn’t meet their standards. They like to keep things clean and tidy and will often take the time to make sure that their partner is comfortable and relaxed. Virgos are also very loyal and will make sure that their partner is satisfied before they are.



You aren’t going to kiss anyone unless you already feel very strongly about them, and this results in your make-outs always being very intense and emotionally charged.


As a Libra, you tend to be an excellent kisser due to your natural ability to read people and understand their feelings. You are a romantic at heart and take kissing very seriously, making sure to give your partner your undivided attention. You may be slow to make the first move, but once you do, you become passionate and intense. You also have a knack for finding the perfect moment to kiss, as you are intuitive and sensitive to your partner's needs. You are a great listener, which makes you a great kisser. Your kisses are often slow and gentle, and you take your time to make sure that your partner is enjoying the experience.



You know those kissing scenes in the movies when the guy grabs the girl and bends her backwards for a grand smooch? Yeah, that is pretty much how you like to be treated!



You get bored very easily, which means that you are always looking for ways to bring new skills and dynamics in your kissing. One minute you like long french kisses, the next your prefer little pecks!



You like a full stop kind of kiss, a kiss that puts a punctuation mark on the time you have spent with your boo, one that leaves him under no allusions that he is the one that you want!



Your kisses are always long and lingering, because you love nothing more than feeling the warmth of a partner’s body against yours, and their lips against your lips!


Aquarius is known to be an independent sign, so it’s no surprise that they like to take their time when it comes to kissing. Aquarians are all about making a connection with their partner, and their kisses are the perfect way to express that. They love to be close to their partner and enjoy the physical contact of kissing.

Aquarians are known for being highly creative, and this is reflected in their kissing style. They like to mix it up and keep things interesting. They may start off with a sweet, gentle kiss but then add in some playful nibbling or even a bit of tongue. They love to experiment and explore different sensations.

Aquarians are also known for being highly intelligent and analytical, and this is reflected in their kissing style too. They like to take their time and really focus on their partner’s reactions. They pay attention to the little details, like the way their partner’s lips feel against theirs or the way their partner smells.

Aquarians also have a great sense of humor, and they like to inject a bit of fun into their kisses. They may use humor to lighten the mood or to show their partner how much they care.



You are super old school when it comes to kissing. You like to start with a soft peck and then graduate to snogging when the time is right, you like to be taken through the different stages for maximum enjoyment!

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