Why You Suck at Relationships According to Your Zodiac Sign ...


Why You Suck at Relationships According to Your Zodiac Sign ...
Why You Suck at Relationships According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

The unfortunate thing about relationships, is that on the whole, we pretty much all have horror stories that we could tell about previous experiences in our love lives! If romance was easy, then we would all get it right the first time around and there would be no need to for the likes of Tinder, but there is that little devil inside all of us that for one reason or another, makes us sabotage happiness sometimes! Here is why you suck at relationships according to your zodiac sign.

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You are way too quick to throw a temper tantrum when you think things aren’t going your way. It can get really tiring for a partner to have to keep up with your temper, and they often feel like it isn’t worth sticking around for.



You are just far too stubborn! You don’t understand the meaning of the word compromise, which obviously in a relationship is a less than ideal situation to be in. Any partner you have barely gets a say.



Your biggest problem is that you are so reluctant to commit to a partner. You like to keep things casual which is fine for a while, but there comes a point when someone might want to take things to the next level and you are hesitant.



You tend to be just that little bit too needy. You love being part of a couple so much that you end up not wanting to do anything without them, or wanting them to do anything without you.



With a typical Leo, your ego tends to be so big and wild that you find it hard to make room for anyone other in your life than yourself!



You have unreasonably high standards when it comes to romance. You basically want to be treated like a princess and aren't satisfied unless every single thing is like something out of a romance movie.



You are too much of a people pleaser, meaning that you can’t stand it when you feel like you might have disappointed a partner. You hate conflict, which often means that your relationships can’t flourish and grow in the way that they should.



You have too much of a negative attitude. To be honest it makes you not a desirable person to be in a relationship with because you often have the effect of bringing other people down with you!



You have a tendency to get very bored very quickly, so you find yourself trying to find ways to get out of a relationship before it has even had the chance to get going.



You are way too much of a control freak. Your relationships don’t tend to last because you start to lose interest when you find that you can’t make every single decision about every single thing.



You tend to be too indecisive to ever really make a relationship work. Long term commitments are a little but too unpredictable and you can’t go with the flow quick enough to stay in them.



You have a tendency to be a little bit too insecure in a relationship. Everything could be going perfectly, but that little voice in your head pops up and you start to doubt whether you are actually happy or not.

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