The Effects βš–οΈ of Jealousy πŸ˜’ on Your Marriage πŸ’ ...

Ever wondered about the effects of jealousy on a marriage?
Jealousy can be a positive or a negative quality or emotion. Therefore, the way in which it is displayed can have a healthy or an unhealthy effect on marriage. So let’s consider a couple of the effects of jealousy on a marriage.

1. They’re Constantly Suspicious of You

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Distrust can be exhibited in a number of ways such as they look through your phone, habitually check up on you when you’re not with them and presume and incessantly accuse you of cheating on them.

While being truly loved and cared about is one of the best feelings we can ever experience, who wants to regularly be put on trial and harshly convicted of crimes they have not committed? After a while, it’s going to get really aggravating until eventually, you’ve had your fill. You become emotionally and mentally exhausted from all the friction which is drawing the two of you further apart. This is one of the effects of jealousy on a marriage that can be really hard to deal with.

2. They Don’t Give You Space

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Naturally, when we deeply love someone, we desire to spend a large amount of time with them. And understandably, perhaps when you first got married, you just could not get enough of each other. However, they now infinitely want the two of you to stick together like two gummy bears on a hot summer day. This can also contribute to any marital discord you may already be undergoing. As individuals, we all need our space from time to time.

Now, take into consideration how jealousy that is proper is good.

1. They Warn You of Potential Danger

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They feel you are spending way too much unnecessary time with someone of the opposite sex. Because they fear something inappropriate might occur between the two of you, they request that you put an end to your get-togethers. It is very probable that their jealousy stems from a sincere desire to take care of you and safeguard you, themselves and your marriage.

2. They Desire to Spend a Reasonable Amount of Time with You

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Unlike the spouse who displays improper jealousy and wants to stick to you like glue, they want the two of you to sit down and eat at least one meal a day together at home. People who are truly committed to their marriages want to and do spend quality time together and keep the lines of communication open.

Yes, improper jealousy can certainly put unnecessary strain on a marriage and bore holes in its foundation, causing it to crumble. On the other hand, proper jealousy of one’s mate will move one to exhibit earnest, respectful and heartfelt zeal and determination to behave in ways that are mutually beneficial and good for the well-being of your mate, you and your marriage.

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