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6 Important Tests You'll Face at the Beginning of Your Relationship ...

By Konstantina

There are lots of tests you'll face at the beginning of a relationship. It might sound a little childish but let’s face it. At the beginning of a relationship, the people involved will unconsciously or consciously test each other. Here are some of the tests you'll face at the beginning of a relationship. And how to pass them with flying colors.

1 The Test of the Clingy Girlfriend

In this case, the man says a simple thing. “I'm going to watch the game at my best friend’s house.” His intention is to see if you are the type of woman that will be hanging up on him and won’t let him any space to breathe. It’s not that he doesn’t like you or want to spend time with you but at some point, he will also want to spend some time with his friends alone. If you answer “okay, I’m coming too” when you weren’t invited he will see it as an invasion of the time he spends with his friends and he won’t like it. Send him on his way and spend the night with your friends. This is definitely one of the first tests you'll face at the beginning of a relationship.

2 The Test of the Girl That Cares Too Much about Her Looks

Of course he likes to see you put together and look beautiful but there are some things he won’t forgive and this is always standing him up for your dates because you spent hours trying on every single outfit in your closet or not being able to take a compliment and answer to all of them with “are you kidding me? I look awful today”. He will test you to see if you are one of those women at the beginning. How? He will call you and ask you on a date in thirty minutes. In this case, make sure to be on time and when you get there do not start whining about how you didn’t have time to prepare and you two will be just fine.


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3 The Test of the Girlfriend That Talks Too Much

He will ask a simple question: “How are you feeling?” In this case be simple, quick and humorous in your answer. Men don’t usually have the need to talk about everything in detail. Keep your long discussions among your friends. Later there will be time to discuss with him more, but at the beginning, men want practical and positive women with them. If you answer a simple question like that with an explanation of your feelings that take half an hour, you will most likely scare him.

4 The Jealousy Test

Men enjoy a little bit of jealousy, they like to know you are passionate enough about them that you feel a little jealous. But when you exaggerate and make a scene every time you see them talk to another woman they really don’t enjoy it. So, to test you, he might tell you that his friend will come with you on your date. His female friend that is. While out he will check out your reactions. How do you talk to her, how you look at her and the comments you will make about her later. You can pass this test by being objective and friendly. And do not start commenting on his friend if he doesn’t ask you to.

5 The High Maintenance Test

In case you haven’t noticed there is a global economic crisis. And he wants to go out with you frequently and not spend a small fortune for each date. He will ask you to choose the place for your first date. If you choose the most expensive restaurant in town and don’t even offer to split the bill, then you have failed this test. Choose something more approachable the first time. The time for expensive will come later and on special occasions.

6 The Flirty Girlfriend Test

When you enter a relationship, there is always the chance of getting hurt. Men also want to protect themselves from this possibility. What will your man do? He will make plans for you and him to go out with his friends and ask his player, womanizer friend to focus on you. He then will check out your reactions to him. If you reciprocate his flirting and attention. It is a sneaky plan, but men also have a heart and want to protect it. Make sure you pay the same attention to all his friends, be polite but make sure to subtly show to everyone that you are his girlfriend.

Men will put you through these tests at the beginning of your relationship to try to assure themselves as much as they can that they made the right choice. Don’t be offended by it. Besides women have their own tests they put men through. Just keep calm, make sure to avoid the major mistakes and you have the basis for a happy relationship.

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