Exceptional Ways to Make Sure Your Relationship Thrives ...


Exceptional Ways to Make Sure Your Relationship Thrives  ...
Exceptional Ways to Make Sure Your Relationship Thrives  ...

Everyone needs to know some ways to make sure your relationship thrives. Great relationships don’t just happen, they require us to work on them. Here are some suggestions to strengthen yours and make sure it lasts over time. Each of these ways to make sure your relationship thrives will make your love life as great as it can be.

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Prepare for the Ups and Downs

Recognise that things can’t be peachy all the time. Learn to appreciate the great times together and be prepared to ride some storms. It’s all part of the process of getting to know each other better and creating a closer bond. Just as you can have a bad day, so can he, so it’s important to respect each other’s needs in those moments. And that's one of the best ways to make sure your relationship thrives.


Keep the Conversation Alive

When we start going out, we talk for hours about our thoughts, our dreams our desires. Then often after time, these conversations become much less frequent or stop altogether. Don’t let that happen. After all, he’s not only your lover, he’s your best friend too, so keep the discussion alive and offer each other support to make those dreams and desires become reality.


Set Shared Goals

There’s nothing like having a shared objective to make us closer as a couple. It doesn’t matter what it is. It could be to save up to put a deposit down on a home or to take a fitness class or go running together to keep fit. Whatever you do together will strengthen your sense of being a team and will give you something else to talk about and organise.


Never Stop Playing

Having fun and laughing is perhaps the strongest relationship “glue” there is. Don’t be afraid to act like kids, let yourselves go and be crazy together. Play, whatever your age and stay young! Your relationship will be given continuous new life this way.


Leave Each Other Space

Healthy relationships don’t require us to live in each other’s pockets! The secret is to give each other space while staying close and not appearing distant. Sharing memories and special moments will keep your relationship alive. To keep it fresh and exciting, you also need to experience things separately and then come together. Remember, love needs space to grow.


Concentrate on the Positive

We all have our irritating little quirks and habits. We all say the wrong thing at the wrong time in the wrong way at times! But instead of dwelling on them, we need to let them go and focus on what’s great about our relationship and our partner. Think of the times he made you fall for him all over again. Concentrate on all those special little things that make him the unique person he is. If you do, more likely than not he’ll do the same for you!


Be Fair when You Argue

Remember, your relationship is not a competition, where he has to lose for you to win or vice versa. You’re in a partnership, so be prepared to compromise. Make the effort to find a solution to the issue and make sure you fight about that issue alone, without bringing every other discussion you’ve ever had into the picture. Be prepared to listen and ask questions so you’re sure you understand his point of view. So often people argue simply because they’re saying the same thing with different words!!


Don’t Be Afraid to Be Vulnerable

We all have our weaknesses and fears, expressing them with the person we love enhances emotional intimacy. Showing ourself for who we really are, showing that we trust our partner is one of the strongest bonds there is as a couple. It is often much easier to close our shell to protect ourself. But admitting we need our partner to lean on occasionally will bring us so much closer.


Support Each Other

Listen to each other, especially when you’re upset and need to talk. Encourage each other. Share advice and suggestions. Don’t wait to be asked for help, give it spontaneously. You should naturally be the first person he comes to and vice versa.


Try New Experiences Together

Why not try each other’s hobbies, at least once, it could help you to understand each other better. Or why not try a new one together. Organise a trip to an exotic destination, Do something spontaneous, just drop what you’re doing and drive to a different town for a drink, or an intimate meal, or a walk on the beach. Whatever you do, don’t let your relationship fall into a rut of routine predictability, which is the best way to kill it!

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