Perfectly Acceptable Times It's Okay to Be Jealous in Your Relationship ...


Perfectly Acceptable Times  It's Okay to Be Jealous in Your Relationship ...
Perfectly Acceptable Times  It's Okay to Be Jealous in Your Relationship ...

There are certain times it's ok to be jealous in your relationship. In an ideal world, any relationship that you have would be one filled with love and laughter, complete trust and loyalty and absolutely no stumbling blocks, but as adults, we all know that this, unfortunately, isn’t the case. All couples are destined to face obstacles along the way, and one of the obstacles that come up most frequently is probably jealousy. Jealousy is a tricky thing to try and tackle because you can’t always control when and why is arises, so it is more about coming to terms with it than trying to eradicate it! But when is it ok to be jealous in your relationship?

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Social Flirting

If you are out on a date with your boo and they casually start to flirt with someone else, then you have every right to be jealous and offended. Even if their natural personality is to be flirty and open, they should have enough sense and respect not to do that on an evening out that is supposed to special for the both of you! This is definitely one of the times it's ok to be jealous in your relationship.


No Quality Time

You can go ahead and express some jealousy if you find that your partner doesn’t seem to be finding any time to spend with you, but has all the time in the world to mess around with friends. You shouldn’t have to compete with external factors when it comes to quality time and bonding with your partner, this should be the first choice option every time.


Emotional Bond with Someone

You have a right to be jealous if your partner starts to build a strong emotional bond with someone new. This person doesn’t even have to be a threat in a romantic sense, just a person who your boo feels more comfortable talking to and confiding in than you. As their partner, it should be you who is filling that role, not someone else.


Phone Attention

You also have the right to show some jealousy and annoyance if they are always on their phone and lost in online activities instead of focusing on spending quality time with you. Not only is it rude to be attached to your phone in the presence of others, but it also leads to questions like “what are they spending so much time doing”, “are they talking to someone else on a dating app”? You deserve better than to be playing second fiddle to technology.


Selective Rudeness

When you are out in a public social situation, does he have a tendency to be nice to everyone in the group except you? This is a particularly douchey thing that some guys tend to do, a kind of "treat them mean to keep them keen" kind of attitude that isn’t cute at all. You are his girlfriend after all, why should you have to put up with him being kind to everyone else and then engaging in some light bullying with you? He might think it is fun, but you need to let him know it’s not on.

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