The Right and Wrong Ways to Deal with Situations in a Relationship ...

By Konstantina

The Right and Wrong Ways to Deal with Situations in a Relationship ...

I'm here to share with you the right and wrong ways to deal with situations in relationships. When you are in a relationship there are different things that different people manage in different ways. However, there are some commonly known right ways and wrong ways to deal with some of those things. These ways vary, of course, depending on your personality and the type of relationship you share. Check out the right and wrong ways to deal with situations in relationships.

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interaction, event, ceremony, When it comes to affection there are not wrong ways to deal with it when you and your boyfriend are alone. Affection can be expressed with a hug, a kiss, a gesture, anything. But, when you two are in public, don’t be attached to his lips. It is uncomfortable to everyone around you and let’s face it, you probably don’t enjoy putting up a show for the world to see either.



photograph, black, black and white, monochrome photography, photography, Your tastes in music, movies, hobbies etc might not match. But as a couple, you like to do things together. That can be accomplished when both of you are open to suggestions. Try to listen to this new band he is going on and on about and he can try to watch this movie you really want to see. Discuss and compromise. The wrong way to deal with it? Changing your tastes for him. You have your own favorites and there is no point to changing everything.



suit, gentleman, conversation, The right response to a compliment is easy: a simple “thank you”. The wrong response? To start going on and on about why his compliment is not right. When he says “you look great today” don’t start with the “are you kidding me? I haven’t slept, my hair is a mess and...”. First, it is annoying to him and second, he will see it as hypocrisy and a way you use to attract more compliments. Plus, men agree that when you don’t take a compliment, it is a turnoff.


New Ideas

photograph, black, black and white, foot, leg, You know what is one of the main reasons relationships fail? Routine. Dealing with it is easy. Share some new ideas of places to go and things to do. Also be open to whatever new ideas he might have. You probably won’t agree to whatever he has in mind but talking about it can’t hurt. But, do not wait for him to always have new ideas and you wait for him to decide everything.



black, photograph, black and white, person, facial expression, Exchanging gifts is a way to express your affection to him. So, of course, you will buy him that new watch he likes for your one year anniversary. Do not, however, buy him a gift because you completed two weeks together. It is overkill, expensive and unnecessary.

Famous Quotes

Silence at the proper season is wisdom, and better than any speech.



white, photograph, black, face, person, You might or might not share the same friends. In case you don’t, be friendly with his group of friends, be open to suggestions to go out with them but don’t forget about your own friends. Your friends will be there for you if this relationship falls apart, stepping away from them while you are with someone is wrong.


Calls and Texts

black, photograph, black and white, person, darkness, Of course, you can call and text to see how is he doing and how his day was. But calling and texting at all hours and especially asking where he is to check up on him will annoy him and he will suspect that you do not trust him. Don’t spend your days with your cell phone in hand counting the minutes until he answers your last text. You also have a life, go live it. He is not going anywhere.



photograph, black and white, snapshot, darkness, photography, Articles all over the world are going on and on about it. In a relationship, be yourself. There is no point in pretending to be someone else. If your boyfriend doesn’t inspire you to be yourself and you feel the need to pretend, then change your boyfriend, not yourself.



photograph, black and white, person, monochrome photography, emotion, Just because you have been together a long time doesn’t mean you shouldn’t flirt with each other. A compliment here and there never hurts anyone. Do not, however, flirt with other people. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t like it if he was flirting with other women.

Learning to deal with situations in the right way can ensure a more stable and loving relationship and can reduce arguments over insignificant matters. Relationships have their ups and downs; this isn’t something we can avoid but some situations are easy to deal with if you know how.

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