The Kind of Loser πŸ–• Your Zodiac Sign β™ˆοΈβ™οΈβ™’οΈβ™‘οΈ Attracts 😍 ...

Here’s the thing about romance and relationships: no matter how much you want to be with a certain type of person, or how much you try to attract the right kind of potential partners, there just something about every single one of our different natures that seems to draw losers close! Of course, not every single encounter that you have with a lover is going to be like this, but there is no doubting that each of us has had our fair share of negative and unfortunate interactions in the past! Here is the kind of loser your zodiac sign attracts.

1. Aries

You are a very energetic person, which unfortunately means that lazy men take an interest in you because it provides them with a different energy in their lives. Good for them, but not good for you!

2. Taurus

You are loyal, perhaps too loyal and trusting, so you tend to attract guys who think that they are going to be able to manipulate you and not try too too hard to keep you because you’ll be invested immediately.

3. Gemini

You are someone who has lots of different sides to their personality, and you tend to attract the same kind of guys, but the important distinction is that you know when to get serious and they just want to play the joker.

4. Cancer

You are a naturally giving person, always the first to offer help, and because of this, you will attract a lot of guys who just want to take, take, take, and not give back. They need a mother, not a girlfriend!

5. Leo

You are the complete package in terms of personality and beauty, which always puts you at risk of attracting the kind of guy who only wants you as some sort of trophy to show off.

6. Virgo

You hate being the centre of attention, but annoyingly, this can end up with guys wanting to β€˜bring you out of your shell’ and constantly put you in social situations that you don’t want to be in.

7. Libra

Your problem is that you are so nice that you can’t say no! Some guys take advantage of this and will coerce you in to dates and hang outs that you really don’t want to go on.

8. Scorpio

You put across this fun and carefree image which attracts fun-loving guys, unfortunately, it's the kind of fun-loving guys who find it impossible to take the next step into commitment.

9. Sagittarius

You can be very serious and grounded in reality, and this maturity can often attract just plain old boring dudes when you actually want a bit of excitement in your life!

10. Capricorn

You can be a very emotional person, which attracts dramatic guys in return. Two dramatic people in a relationship together is never an ideal situation! Drama + drama = more drama.

11. Aquarius

You are intelligent and eccentric, and your beauty often attracts guys to you who for some reason want to dull that intelligence and make your more β€˜normal’. Don’t give in!

12. Pisces

You make new friends every single time you go out, which can sometime result in you attracting guys who think they are special, who then get jealous when you go out the next week and they see that you are actually just like with everyone and then get mad about it!

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