How Your Zodiac Sign Makes You Vulnerable in Relationships ...


How Your Zodiac Sign Makes You Vulnerable in Relationships ...
How Your Zodiac Sign Makes You Vulnerable in Relationships ...

If you have ever been in a relationship, then you will know that being so close and intimate with a person can lead to lots of feelings of vulnerability. Being vulnerable in itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it is more about how you react to that vulnerability and the kinds of things that it makes you do as a reaction. We all have the capacity to be vulnerable, but the interesting thing is that it varies so much from person to person! Here is how your zodiac sign makes you vulnerable in a relationship.

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You are usually a really confident person, but when it comes to romance, you can’t control the feelings of the other person, and that lack of control manifests itself as vulnerability on your part.



You are usually quite a guarded person, so you feel most vulnerable in a relationship when the time comes to really start opening up and sharing your secrets with a new partner.



You have a tendency to be quite fickle, so the most vulnerable you get in a relationship is trying to deal with changing opinions on your partner, trying to figure out which ones are authentic and which are just passing thoughts!



You are in constant fear that your partner is going to get bored of you, or find someone else, or leave for any other reason, and this makes you an extremely vulnerable and nervous type of girlfriend.



You get vulnerable in a relationship when you are forced to put your pride to one side and acknowledged that you are your boo are equals and in this together. You find it tough, but you do it.



You feel most vulnerable letting someone new in to your own little world. You have spent your whole life building a bubble, and it can be very sensitive letting someone new in.



Weirdly, it is when you are asked about your relationship by your friends or family that you feel most vulnerable. You like keeping things secret and exclusive, so answering lots of questions feels uncomfortable.



As a Scorpio you are hyper aware of other people’s thought and feelings, so you get very vulnerable in your relationship if you can sense even a slight change in your partner’s energy.



You are most vulnerable when you are required to sit down and really open up about your true feelings, and relationships certainly are a time when that kind of behaviour is expected.



You attach yourself very tightly and closely to a partner, which results in you feeling vulnerable if you feel that he is trying to create even the tiniest bit of space.



You are book smart, but not necessarily emotionally smart, and not being able to read your partner like you read a novel can make your feel vulnerable.



You wear your heart on your sleeve when it comes to romance, which means that you are constantly vulnerable to heartbreak because you fall too hard and leave yourself too exposed!

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