The Zodiac Sign ♉️♎️ Your Sign ♊️♏️ Should Never 🚫 Date 💑 ...

There is no denying that in the world of dating and romance, you just seem to hit it off with some people and experience the exact opposite with others. You might be physically attracted to a guy, but once you get to know him, you find that he isn’t what you are looking for, and on the other end of the spectrum, sometimes real love doesn’t happen at first sight but rather takes a while to make itself known! Perhaps we can learn a little more about this through astrology! Here is the zodiac sign that your sign should never date.

1. Aries

You are not known for your patience, so the lacklustre, laid-back approach to life that a Cancer has is never going to be something the matches well with your personality!

2. Taurus

You are set in your ways and you don’t like change, so the spontaneous and ever-changing lifestyle of an Aquarius isn’t going to be something that you connect with.

3. Gemini

You like a lot of excitement and surprise in your life, which puts the steady, calm and collected personality of a Capricorn right at the bottom of your compatibility list!

4. Cancer

You are a very emotionally charged and sensitive person, which means you need someone who is going to be able to understand and deal with your dramatics. A Virgo is definitely not going to be able to do that!

5. Leo

Your natural party loving, flirty traits that all Leos possess are never going to match with a Scorpio because Scorpios are the first to get jealous over the tiniest little thing!

6. Virgo

You like to keep things simple in your love life, you don’t have any time for games. On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, a Sagittarius always wants to make a game and puzzle out of everything!

7. Libra

You are the most naturally peaceful and calm of all the signs, whereas a Scorpio is ready to fight for everything and about everything. Those two signs are never going to be able to live together harmoniously!

8. Scorpio

You are characterised by your fierce independence, and you cannot vibe with an Aries who wants to spend every single second with you and becomes incredibly needy incredibly fast.

9. Sagittarius

You are all about transformation and enjoying lots of very distinct and different periods in your life, which is in direct opposition to a Taurus who doesn’t like to change a single thing.

10. Capricorn

You like to keep things very stable and calm, but a Sagittarius won’t see the positives in this; they will just see it as dull.

11. Aquarius

You buck against anything in life that is seen as traditional and conventional, which means that you definitely won’t find love with a Pisces who doesn’t want to follow any path that has already been taken.

12. Pisces

You live in a world of your own, and you crave a life full of twists and turns, which means that a Gemini, who wants to enjoy traditional monogamy, is never going to be a good match for you!

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