The 17 Major Mistakes Capricorn Women Make in Relationships ...

By Heather

While we all make mistakes, the sign that you are can actually play a big part in the how you act in relationships. So Capricorns, you ready to know what mistakes you make? You ready to dive in and see what you might be able to overcome? Take a look!

Table of contents:

  1. you take care of way too many people
  2. you are sometimes a bit too critical
  3. material things can sometimes overshadow thoughtfulness
  4. yep, you are a bit bossy
  5. you can be a bit prude
  6. persistence is a strong quality of yours
  7. you can be fearful of trying new things
  8. you can be a bit rigid
  9. cynical can sometimes be your middle name
  10. you are calm, cool and collected
  11. you are too reserved
  12. why so serious?
  13. too driven sometimes
  14. so, so organized
  15. you are very traditional
  16. you are quite cautious
  17. you are very success-driven

1 You Take Care of Way Too Many People
You don't always concentrate on your partner but everyone else.

2 You Are Sometimes a Bit Too Critical

Especially of your partner.

3 Material Things Can Sometimes Overshadow Thoughtfulness

Thoughtfulness is important too Caps!

4 Yep, You Are a Bit Bossy
Although, you don't mean to be!

5 You Can Be a Bit Prude

… and it can put a damper on relationships.

6 Persistence is a Strong Quality of Yours

It can get really annoying sometimes.

7 You Can Be Fearful of Trying New Things

In bed, on dates, in life.

8 You Can Be a Bit Rigid

In so, so many things.

9 Cynical Can Sometimes Be Your Middle Name

You can be negative sometimes too.

10 You Are Calm, Cool and Collected

Which sometimes can be a really bad thing in a relationship because you don't let your emotions out.

11 You Are Too Reserved

Which goes hand-in-hand with #10, you don't open up and keep a hell of a lot hidden.

12 Why so Serious?

Come on Capricorn, why are you so serious?

13 Too Driven Sometimes

Sometimes, you work way too hard and ignore the person that you are in a relationship with.

14 So, so Organized

If something is out of place, you freak.

15 You Are Very Traditional

Which can be to your detriment sometimes.

16 You Are Quite Cautious

Which can cause your partner some frustration.

17 You Are VERY Success-driven

Which can be your downfall sometimes.

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