The 17 Major Mistakes Sagittarius Women Make in Relationships ...

By Heather

Oh, you Sagittarian women! You're energetic, curious about the world around you, and you love to travel. You're open minded yet philosophical, you're usually optimistic, and new adventures spark your enthusiasm! Those are all fantastic traits, but in contrast, sometimes you lack tact and relationships can be something of a challenge. That being the case, I bet you'll recognize some of the mistakes you make when you're in a relationship – right?

Table of contents:

  1. sometimes you aren't emotional at all
  2. you're too perky
  3. it can seem really fake how happy you are all the time
  4. you like to be free
  5. you don't think about the past ever
  6. you can be reckless sometimes
  7. you have a hard time taking on responsibility
  8. you are difficult to pin down most days
  9. you don't bother to fix problems
  10. you like change
  11. you have a hard time getting serious
  12. you don't like to have people who are clingy
  13. you are sometimes too liberal in your beliefs
  14. you like to move on from issues quickly – too quickly
  15. you can get irritable when you are bored
  16. you need to be stimulated most of the time
  17. you have a problem finishing things

1 Sometimes You Aren't Emotional at All

It's more of a defense mechanism than anything. You're just trying to keep yourself safe.

2 You're Too Perky

That's only a bad thing for people who aren't perky. Haters.

3 It Can Seem Really Fake How Happy You Are All the Time

This is the thing to be aware of, though. You know you're not fake, but it's a good idea to step back and look at your perkiness from an outside perspective.

4 You like to Be Free

Sometimes you just want to pick up and take off on an adventure, you know?

5 You Don't Think about the past Ever

Once it's laid, it's played. Done and can't be undone. The past is passed, in other words. It already happened.

6 You Can Be Reckless Sometimes

That's what happens when you're adventurous. Sometimes you take outrageous chances.

7 You Have a Hard Time Taking on Responsibility

You'll do it, but you might not like it.

8 You Are Difficult to Pin down Most Days
“Unpredictable” or “free-spirited” both sound better, don't you think?

9 You Don't Bother to Fix Problems

Definitely one to watch. Avoiding problems is understandable, but it's not a good trait to have in your relationships.

10 You like Change

Not a bad thing, unless you don't talk to your partner about it.

11 You Have a Hard Time Getting Serious

Which is fine, as long as you're upfront about your intention.

12 You Don't like to Have People Who Are Clingy

This might be a situation where you have to compromise, though.

13 You Are Sometimes Too Liberal in Your Beliefs

There really is such a thing as being too open minded. The thing is, you don't want to swing too far in either direction because then you just get extreme.

14 You like to Move on from Issues Quickly – Too Quickly

Girl, you gotta fix them before you move on!

15 You Can Get Irritable when You Are Bored

You always need something to capture your attention or distract you in some way.

16 You Need to Be Stimulated Most of the Time

17 You Have a Problem Finishing Things

Finishing what you start is pretty important when you're in a relationship with someone else, though.

Recognize any of these mistakes, Sagittarius ladies?

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