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Sensible Tips on Where to Put Your Hands when Kissing Your Man ...

By Holly

Kissing isn't all about lip and tongue action. What you do with your hands is just as important as how you're moving your mouth. You don't want to leave them at your sides, because it'll make the smooch feel stale and far from intimate. If you want to give him a kiss he'll never forget, here are a few things you could do with your hands while making out:

1 Run Them through His Hair

Girls aren't the only ones who love getting their hair played with. It doesn't matter if your man has locks that fall down to his shoulders or if he's recently gotten a buzz cut. Either way, running your hands over his scalp will soothe him. It's a sweet romantic gesture that will remind him of how well you treat him. Plus, if things start getting risqué, you can actually grab ahold of his hair and use it to pull him closer or further from you.

2 Caress His Face

You can use one or both hands to caress the sides of his face while you kiss. When you pull your head away, you can even slide your thumb across his lips in order to feel the softness of them. It's the perfect way to catch your breath.

3 Hold His Hand

Holding hands isn't reserved for when you're walking through the mall or down the street. It's just as sweet to interlock your fingers in the middle of a passionate embrace. It'll be a reminder that you're not just kissing because you find each other attractive. You're doing it because you genuinely love each another.

4 Trace Your Fingers down His Chest

It doesn't matter if he's shirtless or still has on his jacket. You can still place your fingertips on his chest and trace them up and down. His chest is one of the sexiest spots on his body and it's a sensitive spot, too.

5 Place Your Arms around Him

If you want your kiss to feel incredibly intimate, you should get as close to him as you can. In order to do that, you can put your arms behind his back, almost as if you're about to hug instead of kiss. Then you can trace your hands over his back just like you would with his chest.

6 Rub His Thighs

If you're sexually active and want to get him excited, then you can rub his thighs while you kiss. The more intense the smooching gets, the closer you can let your hands get to the middle of his legs. By the time you reach that destination, he'll be eager to move on from making out to starting another activity.

7 Relocate His Hands

If your man is getting too touchy, then feel free to grab his hands with yours and place them in a spot you're comfortable with him touching, like your waist. On the other hand, if he's been boring by keeping his hands by his side, you can grab his hands to relocate them to someplace sexier, like your booty. It all depends on what mood you're in and how comfortable you are with being fondled.

As long as you do whatever feels right in the moment, your boyfriend should enjoy every second of it. What do you usually do with your hands while you're making out?

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