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How to Turn Your Summer Fling into a True Blue Relationship ...

By Holly

Your summer lover doesn't have to leave when autumn arrives. Danny and Sandy turned their fling into a relationship, and you can too! You just have to make sure that the guy you had fun kissing is worth calling your boyfriend. If you're sure that he is, here are a few ways to turn your summer fling into an actual relationship:

1 Don’t Move Too Quickly

If you meet your summer lover, kiss him, and sleep with him all in the same day, then it's going to be hard to turn your fling into a relationship. Unfortunately, a lot of boys want to sleep around and will leave you once they get to see you naked. Even if your crush does stay with you, he might only think of you as a sexual object if all you've ever done is kiss and you've never had a real conversation.

2 Let Him Know How You Feel

It'll be impossible to turn your fling into a relationship if you keep your feelings a secret. As soon as you're sure you want him as a boyfriend, let him know. If he turns you down, then you can move on before your feelings for him grow deeper. If he agrees to date you, then your summer just got better!

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3 Stop Flirting with Other Men

If you want to turn your fling into a relationship, you need to stop flirting with other guys. It'll show your fling that you're serious about making things work with him. If he sees you flirting around, then he's not going to consider you girlfriend material.

4 Meet His Friends and Make a Good Impression

If he introduces you to his friends or his family, make sure you make a good impression. If his friends like you, then they might push him to date you. But if they can't stand you, they'll try to talk him out of dating you when he goes to them for advice. Befriend his friends and your chances of dating him skyrocket.

5 Hang out without Kissing

You need to show him why you'd make such a great girlfriend. The best way to do that is by planning a get-together where you do more than just make-out. He already knows you're a good kisser, which is why he's having a fling with you. So it's time to show him what else you're good at, like cooking him dessert and engaging in interesting conversation.

6 Really Think about It Ahead of Time

Before you bring up the idea of dating, really think about whether it's what you want. While your fling may be a great kisser who's fun to hang out with over summer, he may be a dud at a dinner party. You should also think about whether you live close enough to make things work. While some people can handle long distance, others can't, so think about whether you're up for the challenge.

7 End Your Fling if He Won't Date You

If you develop feelings for your lover and he doesn't return them, you should end the fling. You can't keep casually kissing a guy whom you want a relationship with. You'll only end up hurting yourself.

If you play your cards right, your summer fling could be your future husband. Have you ever had a summer fling? Did it turn into a relationship or was it a one-time thing?

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