These Are the Reasons Not to Have a Rebound Relationship ...


After a breakup you are vulnerable and sensitive. When someone new comes along who wants to spend time with you, it’s easy for them to fill the hole in your life. You might think it’s exactly what you need to move on and forget the hurt of your previous relationship. Although successful relationships can be formed on the rebound, the probability is not high. Rebound relationships are generally not a good idea.

1. You’re Not Emotionally Available Yet

This is one of the key reasons a rebound relationship is not a good idea. If you have just come out of a long and meaningful relationship, the likelihood is that you are going to be unbelievably fragile and hurt. This inner pain will make it impossible for you to be emotionally available in the sense that you could let another person in to your life so soon. You really need to give yourself some time to heal before you even think about getting back in the dating game.

It’s Not Fair for Them


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