Why It Really is Awesome to Be Single at Christmas ...


Why It Really is Awesome to Be Single at Christmas ...
Why It Really is Awesome to Be Single at Christmas ...

Not in a relationship this Christmas? Don’t dwell on it and let it spoil the Holidays for you. It’s the season of happiness and you deserve to enjoy it as much as anyone who is loved up. Go into it with a positive mental attitude and honestly, you’ll have a great Christmas and you won’t even notice you’re single.

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You Can Eat to Your Heart’s Content

You Can Eat to Your Heart’s Content One of the reasons to be glad to be single at Christmas is that there will be nobody to make you feel guilty about developing a comfortable food baby over the festive season! Without having to think about a boyfriend that might judge you for having that extra serving of stuffing and cranberry sauce, you can truly relax and do whatever makes you feel happiest, and if that means stuffing your face with chocolates, then so be it!


Less Expenditure

Less Expenditure Buying gifts for friends and family can already be an extremely costly element of Christmas, and one positive about being single during this time is that you don’t have to worry about spending even more money on ‘special’ gifts for a partner. There is sometimes a degree of one-upmanship when buying gifts in a relationship, which can lead to a lot of money being spent unwillingly. No boyfriend, no bother!


No Gift Stress

No Gift Stress As well as not having to spend crazy amounts of money on gifts for your boyfriend, being single means that you won’t have to spend any time worrying about what the perfect present would be. There is so much pressure to find the gifts that say ‘I love you’ better than any others, that the whole process of gift giving becomes really stressful and not enjoyable at all. And you won’t have to worry about find a gift for his ultra-fussy mother.


No Awkward Family Meetings

No Awkward Family Meetings Sometimes it can be painful enough to have to spend Christmas with your own family, so thank the lord that because you are single you don’t have to go through the whole experience again with a new set of potential in-laws that you may or may not even like! Christmas can be turned from a period of festive cheer to a series of uncomfortable ‘get to know you’ sessions if you have a new partner, so wait until the New Year to find a man!


Mistletoe Ahoy!

Mistletoe Ahoy! Being single at Christmas means one great thing - you are free to kiss whomever you wish underneath the mistletoe! Whether at an office party or in a bar that has sprigs of the romance-inducing plant everywhere, if you don’t have a boyfriend then you can kiss away till your heart’s content without feeling guilty about it!


No Arrangement Arguments

No Arrangement Arguments When you have a boyfriend, a whole other diary’s worth of get-togethers and parties starts to come in to play, both from his friends and his family. You simply don’t have this problem if you are single. You are free to pick and choose exactly which people you want to see over the festive period, giving all of your time to your own friends and family rather than people you don’t really know or like.


No TV Arguments!

No TV Arguments! So you like to watch Home Alone ten times over the festive period? Great, you can and there is nobody around to make you feel bad about it or stop you from having Christmas fun in exactly the way you want to! Whether it’s the Downton Abbey Christmas Special or A Muppet Christmas Carol, being single means that you can plan out your own holiday entertainment menu.

Sure it’s special being in a relationship at Christmas but there’s plenty of love and happiness being spread around, so you can grab some that doesn’t involve being with a man (or woman).

Do you think you’ll be single this Christmas?

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I have to say if you don't eat to your hearts content on Xmas due to your relationship, it might be time to reevaluate said relationship!

I totally agree @Ally!

Yes, I will be single this xmas, and so looking forwards to no number 4 or number 6

Loveeee this ❤️

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