5 Things a Man Notices That Make Him Want You Immediately ...

By Casey

5 Things a Man  Notices  That Make Him Want You  Immediately  ...

If you’re single, chances are you have had your fair share of first dates. Maybe they have gone well, and maybe they haven’t. If you’ve been on some that you thought went amazing, and were confused when you didn’t hear from him, maybe some of the following characteristics were missing from the interaction.

1 If You Have a Joy for Life

A man is going to be more intrigued and comfortable around a woman who greets him warmly, smiles, shows she’s excited for the date, and seems like someone who has a passionate life.

2 If You’re Interested

A man will be more interested in a woman who reciprocates an interest in him. Asking questions about him and showing genuine interest in getting to know him is what will make the difference on a date.

3 If You’re Self Expressive

When you have open body language and don’t hold back from expressing yourself, laughing and giving your opinion, a man feels like he can get the more vulnerable part of your personality that reveals who you really are.

4 If You Make the Effort to Look Good

You don’t have to show up in the tiny red dress but men notice and appreciate when women make the effort to look attractive for them.

5 If You Have Sexual Confidence

Sexual confidence is hard to define but easy for men to know if you have it. It could be a glint in your eye, a hug at the beginning of the date or a slight touch on the hand that makes him aware of your body for a second. This is the difference between a potential friendship and a potential romantic relationship.

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