7 Things Men 👨🏻👱🏻👨🏽👱🏿 Love ❤️ More than We Realize 😳 ...


Even though sometimes it can be a bit hard to understand them, men and women are not that different after all. A lot of women think that men can easily puzzle us and tear us apart inside without feeling any remorse. But things are not always how they seem to be. Men have feelings too, they seek true love as well and they would do anything in their power to make their significant other happy when they fall in love. There are a few things men wish women knew about them so that we could understand them better. Here are 7 things men love more than we realize:

1. Women Remember Things That They Tend to Forget

A lot of men have a tendency to forget certain things the moment they are told. Women, on the other hand, tend to remember every little detail of every conversation they've had since they have an incredible memory. A lot of men admire their girlfriends for possessing this trait since they know that they can always count on them if they forget to remember something important.

They Love Our Coddling


Yeah Im not like this 😅
Halo Girl
I love this!
this doesn't go for all girls
I am so bad at almost all of these things, and of course I'm always single
THis is sooo true!! Love this post!😊
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