7 Traits to Have That Will Make You a Great Girlfriend to Any Lucky Guy ...


7 Traits to Have That Will Make You a Great Girlfriend to Any Lucky Guy ...
7 Traits to Have That Will Make You a Great Girlfriend to Any Lucky Guy ...

Whenever you're in a relationship, you want your boyfriend to consider you an aweseome girlfriend. Of course, sometimes it's hard to figure out what guys are actually looking for from you. Thankfully, Pop Sugar knows what men like. According to them, here are the traits that make a woman an awesome girlfriend:

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Independent Men like to be needed, but they don't want to be needed all the time.


Being independent means you have your own life, hobbies, and passions. It's attractive when you're self-reliant and not clinging to your partner for every little thing. Guys appreciate when a woman has her own aspirations and is able to handle her own issues. This isn’t to say they don't desire to be helpful or supportive—they do. However, a balance is critical; it’s about being a partner, not a project. Your independence is empowering, not just for you, but for the relationship too, as it fosters mutual respect and admiration.



Intelligent There's nothing like a girl who can beat him at Jeopardy.



Attractive This one is a given. Men are visual creatures, after all.



Respectful Men don't want to be treated like children. They want you to consider them your equal.



Loving This is an excuse to smother your man with hugs and kisses.



Motivational A good girlfriend will make him want to be a better man.



Friendly The more his parents love you, the more he'll love you.

If your boyfriend is in a relationship with you, then he probably considers you an awesome girlfriend, despite what you act like. Do you think you have any or all of these traits?

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@evelyn stop responding

I have been single all my life. I would suspect that if I had a bf, he would totally love that I never get PMS (a *little* bit of PMS would be helpful for when the crimson wave surprises me?!) and barely get cramps at all! I wish I could wear it on a teeshirt! "Hey guys! Over here! No PMS! Ever! I swear!" If I were them, I'd be all over that like a dirty shirt!

Where is loyal? The most important trait!

I am sometimes really really bossy becuz my bf just bought some really expensive things that he doesn't need. I told him so many times to save money becuz he is independent now he can't just go running to his dad when he needs money. He has to learn to save money. And yes he hates it .. Sometimes when he gets really annoyed he calls me mom.

So there is this boy that is texting me,but I don't like him and I think he is getting the wrong message.

Start with friendship

@Evelyn kindly tell him you only want to be his friend or otherwise if you dont just avoid him/dontvm text back so he learns you arent interested

Think about his spending but watch to see if he changes before committing to a lifetime because what you see him doing now will only get worse when he's depending on you to cover him instead of dad.

@me I advise you to take that as a red flag. If you are planning on getting married someday, someone who is finically irresponsible can put a lot of stress on a marriage. That is something you can't fix. Right now in the girlfriend role, mention what you

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