Typical Things Guys Will Say if They're Crushing on You for the Clueless Girls ...


Typical Things Guys Will Say if They're Crushing on You for the Clueless  Girls ...
Typical Things Guys Will Say if They're Crushing on You for the Clueless  Girls ...

How can you tell if he’s crushing on you? There are some things that he’s likely to say to you if he is. Keep your ears open and listen for these key phrases. The more of them he says, the higher the probability he’s crushing on you!

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“Hey, Gorgeous.”

There’s a chance he’s just a player who says this to every girl who walks by. You have to allow for that possibility. But if a guy is telling you that you’re beautiful then he usually truly feels that way. Note that he says this and look for other signs he’s crushing on you. You could be the girl of his dreams!


When a guy throws a "Hey, Gorgeous" your way, it's your cue to pay attention to the subtleties. Is his smile genuine? Does he seem sincerely interested in what you have to say? It might be more than just a line; perhaps, he's genuinely enamored by you. Don't brush off compliments; they could be his way of subtly expressing his affection. So, take a breath, smile back, and see where the connection goes—after all, he might just see something in you that makes you stand out from the crowd.


“I’d Never Treat My Girlfriend That Way.”

If you’re sharing your relationship troubles with a guy and he says this to you then he may be subtly letting you know that he’d never treat you that way if you were his girlfriend. He’s also letting you know his value system. He’s sharing with you that he values you in a way your current boyfriend may not. The most important thing worth noting here is that he cares about you. You may be unsure of exactly how he cares for you, but you can be sure he does if he’s making statements like this one.

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“You Have Beautiful Eyes.”

Complimenting your eyes or another feature says he’s noticing you. He finds you unique and special. He wants you to know he sees you for the beautiful person you are. Men don’t hand out specific compliments like this lightly. If you’re getting compliments such as this one then yes, he’s almost certainly crushing on you.


Men are known to be not so expressive when it comes to their feelings, so it can be difficult for girls to know if a guy likes them. It can be even more difficult to know if a guy is crushing on them. But there are certain signs that can give it away.

One of the most obvious signs is if a guy is complimenting you. If he is giving you specific compliments, such as “you have beautiful eyes”, then it is a good indication that he is crushing on you. This type of compliment shows that he notices you and considers you to be special. He wants you to know that he sees you as a beautiful person.

Another sign that a guy is crushing on you is if he is being especially nice to you. He may be doing things like helping you out with tasks, offering to buy you lunch, or going out of his way to make you feel special.

Another sign that a guy is crushing on you is if he is paying extra attention to you. This could be things like always offering to walk you to your car, paying attention to what you are saying, or always being the first one to text you in the morning.

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“Let Me Get That for You.”

It’s possible that a guy could offer to get something for you just because he’s a gentleman and can’t stand by and watch a lady lug something heavy, even if you were doing just fine with it. But it’s also possible that he’s crushing on you. He wants to do things for you. He wants to let you know that if you were his then he would take very good care of you.


This chivalrous behavior can often be a telltale sign, especially if he seems to always be right there when you're in need. Sure, he might simply be a nice guy, but if he's consistently offering his help exclusively to you with a smile that just won't quit, it's a solid hint he's got a soft spot. Think about it, that extra effort to lift, reach, or carry is his way of showing he's strong, reliable, and most importantly, interested. So, the next time he swoops in for the assist, it might just mean he's hoping to lift the weight off your shoulders and into his heart.

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“I Love to See You Smile.”

A guy who’s crushing on you loves seeing you smile, making you smile and knowing that he put the smile on your face. Guys love to know they can make their girl happy. You may not be his girl yet, but he already feels that way about you. It’s a compliment to know your smile means that much to him.


When he tells you, "Your smile is my favorite," believe him. It's not just a line; it’s genuine. He might even go out of his way to crack a silly joke or share a funny story, just to see those pearly whites. The twinkle in his eye when you laugh is a dead giveaway – he's totally into you. It's heartwarming and ever so flattering knowing he finds joy purely in your happiness. Keep an eye out, because if he's always striving to lift your spirits, he's definitely got more than friendship on his mind.

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“do You Have a Boyfriend?”

Ladies, it can’t get much more obvious than this one! He has definite interest and he’s scoping out the scene to see if there’s an opening for him. This is also a sign that he’s an honorable guy. He doesn’t want to cause trouble if you’re already in a relationship. That’s something to respect in a guy in this day and time when many guys don’t care if you’re already in a relationship.

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“What Are You Looking for in a Boyfriend?”

If he’s asking you this question then it’s another definite sign he’s crushing on you. Not only that but he’s ready to do something about it. He’s asking you this question because he’s truly interested in your answer. He wants to know what you’re looking for and if he can fit the bill. If you’re crushing back then things are definitely headed in the direction you want them to go.

These are 7 typical things a guy says when he’s crushing on you. Is there a guy saying these things to you? I’d love to hear the details!

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All I could think reading all these quotes was "fckboy" 😂

What if he says "hey cutie" ????

what about when he only looks at u when u smile or laugh at his joke ?

Guys lose their minds when they are crushing me heheheheh

this is so cute cause SOME of these are things my crush says to me, and he's not a player type or anything (I guess just super flirty haha)

My crush helped me open something when I couldn't does that count as something someone please help me

Oh boy

What about? Thank you Beautiful

Also 4 or 5 of those are things a douche bag who will play you typically says

I'm curious about the not so obvious things they say/do.

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