Typical ๐Ÿ”„ Things Guys Will Say if They're Crushing ๐Ÿ˜ on You for the Clueless ๐Ÿค” Girls ...

How can you tell if heโ€™s crushing on you? There are some things that heโ€™s likely to say to you if he is. Keep your ears open and listen for these key phrases. The more of them he says, the higher the probability heโ€™s crushing on you!

1. โ€œHey, Gorgeous.โ€

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Thereโ€™s a chance heโ€™s just a player who says this to every girl who walks by. You have to allow for that possibility. But if a guy is telling you that youโ€™re beautiful then he usually truly feels that way. Note that he says this and look for other signs heโ€™s crushing on you. You could be the girl of his dreams!

2. โ€œIโ€™d Never Treat My Girlfriend That Way.โ€

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If youโ€™re sharing your relationship troubles with a guy and he says this to you then he may be subtly letting you know that heโ€™d never treat you that way if you were his girlfriend. Heโ€™s also letting you know his value system. Heโ€™s sharing with you that he values you in a way your current boyfriend may not. The most important thing worth noting here is that he cares about you. You may be unsure of exactly how he cares for you, but you can be sure he does if heโ€™s making statements like this one.

3. โ€œYou Have Beautiful Eyes.โ€

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Complimenting your eyes or another feature says heโ€™s noticing you. He finds you unique and special. He wants you to know he sees you for the beautiful person you are. Men donโ€™t hand out specific compliments like this lightly. If youโ€™re getting compliments such as this one then yes, heโ€™s almost certainly crushing on you.

4. โ€œLet Me Get That for You.โ€

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Itโ€™s possible that a guy could offer to get something for you just because heโ€™s a gentleman and canโ€™t stand by and watch a lady lug something heavy, even if you were doing just fine with it. But itโ€™s also possible that heโ€™s crushing on you. He wants to do things for you. He wants to let you know that if you were his then he would take very good care of you.

5. โ€œI Love to See You Smile.โ€

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A guy whoโ€™s crushing on you loves seeing you smile, making you smile and knowing that he put the smile on your face. Guys love to know they can make their girl happy. You may not be his girl yet, but he already feels that way about you. Itโ€™s a compliment to know your smile means that much to him.

6. โ€œdo You Have a Boyfriend?โ€

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Ladies, it canโ€™t get much more obvious than this one! He has definite interest and heโ€™s scoping out the scene to see if thereโ€™s an opening for him. This is also a sign that heโ€™s an honorable guy. He doesnโ€™t want to cause trouble if youโ€™re already in a relationship. Thatโ€™s something to respect in a guy in this day and time when many guys donโ€™t care if youโ€™re already in a relationship.

7. โ€œWhat Are You Looking for in a Boyfriend?โ€

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If heโ€™s asking you this question then itโ€™s another definite sign heโ€™s crushing on you. Not only that but heโ€™s ready to do something about it. Heโ€™s asking you this question because heโ€™s truly interested in your answer. He wants to know what youโ€™re looking for and if he can fit the bill. If youโ€™re crushing back then things are definitely headed in the direction you want them to go.

These are 7 typical things a guy says when heโ€™s crushing on you. Is there a guy saying these things to you? Iโ€™d love to hear the details!

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