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7 Things That Make Him Special and Different from the Rest ...

By Holly

If you're wondering if your man is the right one for you, there are certain things that make him special, and prove that he's worthy of your love. Once you find the right person, you'll know it, because there will be things that make him special, and unlike anyone else you've ever met. Here are a few of the common things that set Mr. Right apart from the rest of mankind:

1 He Helps Make You Happy

He knows exactly how to make you smile, even when you're feeling low. It's difficult to stay angry at him, because he'll give you a certain look, and it'll be impossible to stop giggling. One of the biggest things that make him special is his ability to make you feel happier than you've ever felt. He's like a magician, whose only trick is to make you as happy as can be.

2 You Have a Couple's Connection

Sure, there are plenty of people whom you care about. If one of your friends is upset, you want to make them feel better. But when the love of your life is hurting, you feel the pain inside of yourself. It's like you're connected, and feel the same emotions. That's why you always want him to be in good spirits, and he wants you to feel the same.

3 He Has a Magical Memory

He remembers everything about you, no matter how small. He'll remember what you were wearing the day you met, and what your favorite movie is. He'll know what colors bring out your eyes, and what make-up clutters your bathroom counter. He loves you, so he actually notices the minor things about you.

4 He'll do What Makes You Smile

He's not very interested in watching True Blood, but he'll do it just for you. He'll even buy you the DVDs when they're released. He doesn't mind doing things that he hates, because he's sitting beside you. Of course, if he puts up with the shows you love, then you'll have to put up with his favorites as well.

5 He Understands You

When you make fun of him, he'll understand that you're joking, and won't take you seriously. When you squeal over something on the internet, he'll know exactly what you're looking at without having to ask. He understands the way your mind works, so it's easy for him to understand you, even when you're seemingly incoherent.

6 He's Good at Keeping Life Balanced

He knows when to keep his distance and when to drown you with affection. He knows that you're independent enough to take care of yourself, but he's helpful when he knows you'd like his help. Somehow, he manages to find the right balance to keep you happy.

7 Your Chemistry is Strong

When you kiss, it's different than anything else you've ever experienced. Even if you're simply sitting next to each other, you can feel your attraction. You're comfortable with him, so you're not afraid to be yourself. But you're also constantly ready to kiss him, because he's so damn attractive.

When you meet the right person, you'll know that they're the one you want to spend forever with. He may not be perfect overall, but he's the perfect person for you, and that's all that matters. What's your favorite thing about your significant other?

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