7 Things That Make a Guy Less Attractive All Girls Should Be Aware of ...

By Vladlena

7 Things That Make a Guy Less Attractive All Girls Should Be Aware of  ...

I think all of us ladies can come to a unanimous agreement on things that make a guy less attractive. You might find a guy who seems to have it all but later on, you might discover things about him that changes the way you look at him. And I am not talking about their dark past or skeletons in their closet but some of their natural tendencies and personality characteristics. Here are the things that make a guy less attractive. Take a look and let us know if you agree!

1 Addictions

Alcohol, smoking, gambling and don’t even get me started on more serious forms of addiction, are all things that make a guy less attractive. It’s nice to see a man who is in control of himself and doesn’t depend on substances in order to function. A guy who is above the influence automatically appears more responsible and put together, which is very admirable.

2 No Ambitions

A guy with no ambitions, passions or goals is a lost cause. Looks can only take you so far, right ladies? The second you start talking to them and realize that they have no future plans, disappointment automatically sinks in! And I think that goes for anyone, male or female, because ambition, drive or determination is attractive!

3 Cockiness

A guy may be intelligent, good-looking, successful and ambitious at a first glance but the second he opens his mouth, he can ruin it all with his cockiness. Don’t get me wrong, confidence is absolutely attractive but there is a thin line between confidence and arrogance that should not be crossed!

4 Controlling Tendencies

A guy who is controlling in a relationship is a guy who should be avoided. There should be a certain level of trust and honestly between two people in order for a relationship to work. Plus once a guy is known for his controlling tendencies, his reputation goes down considerably in the eyes of other women!

5 No Hygiene and Care for Health

It is more acceptable for men to be messy than it is for women, but guys should still learn how to take care of themselves. Women always notice when a guy dresses his best, smells good or works out, just as they notice when a guy doesn’t shower or wear fresh clothes.

6 Cheap Men

I completely understand the importance of budgeting and being smart with money in today’s economy. In fact I actually admire a man who knows how to save up instead of throwing his money around, but there are some people who completely hold back from life experiences and act selfish because they are cheap. At the end of the day money is not everything!

7 Immaturity

No woman will get into a serious relationship with a guy who is still stuck in his adolescent phase. Actually I don’t think anyone wants to deal with an inexperienced and childish guy who doesn’t act his age. After all, every woman wants a man and not a boy.

While no guy is perfect and there is no Prince Charming out there, there are still some characteristics in men that most of us are not willing to deal with. These qualities are just repulsive from the start. What are some of the things that make a guy less attractive in your opinion?

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Where did all the gentlemen go 😥😥😥

Men who get jealous easily

Yes this is happening ATM

I think they're describing my brother here :O

Yup! I agree with all of these

The one who brags about everything is the worst!

Super true :)

Well that was a long comment... Hehehe...

Wow, I've dated all of them v.v

I hate arrogant men and guys who are cocky! They like to use you so u can boost their ego when in reality they're insecure about themselves and they put on a front and make you feel like shit as IF their life is much better. There's too much chit chat and not enough effort. Bragging make you look immature.

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