7 Things That Make a Guy Less Attractive πŸ™…πŸ™„πŸ’” All Girls Should Be Aware of πŸ€” ...


I think all of us ladies can come to a unanimous agreement on things that make a guy less attractive. You might find a guy who seems to have it all but later on, you might discover things about him that changes the way you look at him. And I am not talking about their dark past or skeletons in their closet but some of their natural tendencies and personality characteristics. Here are the things that make a guy less attractive. Take a look and let us know if you agree!

1. Addictions

Alcohol, smoking, gambling and don’t even get me started on more serious forms of addiction, are all things that make a guy less attractive. It’s nice to see a man who is in control of himself and doesn’t depend on substances in order to function. A guy who is above the influence automatically appears more responsible and put together, which is very admirable.

No Ambitions


Good article! I hate cocky men!! Ughh
I agree with Dixieland. My soon to be ex husband belongs to this type of guys. Now he moves to live with a cougar cause I can't be a sugar mommy to him. He is older than me 3 yrs. He is too lazy to he...
I think they're describing my brother here :O
The one who brags about everything is the worst!
socheata chhour
Men who get jealous easily
i agree with Dixie. like men to be strong on the outside and a soft inside. :)
Men who are followers!
Wow, I've dated all of them v.v
Guys who want a" mom " figure They can sleep with, and want the girl to" wear the pants" in the relationship, including she calls,pay$,and they just want great sex are idiots. Total idiots.
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