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7 Traits of a Respectful Boyfriend That Your Mate Should Possess ...

By Holly

You don't want to enter a relationship unless your man has all of the traits of a respectful boyfriend. There's nothing wrong with having a little fun with casual flings, but if you want to settle down, you have to find the right person. If you're with someone who doesn't appreciate how wonderful you actually are, then things will crumble quickly. Here are some important traits of a respectful boyfriend:

1 He Provides Privacy

Relationships require trust, so he should believe you when you tell him that you're being faithful. He shouldn't be snooping through your phone and asking to listen in on phone calls. If he really trusts and respects you, he'll believe that you're telling him the truth at all times. One of the most important traits of a respectful boyfriend is letting you have your privacy, because he knows that you would never betray him.

2 He Won't Employ Peer Pressure

If a man respects you, he won't push you to do something that you're not ready to do. If you don't want to kiss him yet, he shouldn't make you feel guilty about your choice. He should be patient, because you're worth the wait.

3 He Won't Degrade His Date

If he hates the shows you watch, or the hobbies you enjoy, he's allowed to tease you about them, but he should never make you feel bad about your interests. If he really loves you, then he likes every little part of you, even the things he doesn't understand. You shouldn't be with someone who makes you feel stupid for enjoying something different than he does.

4 He'll Play Nice with Pals

Even if he doesn't like one of your friends or family members, he should be able to get along with them. You don't want there to be too much tension between your loved ones. He doesn't have to be crazy about the people in your life, but he should be able to sit through a conversation with them.

5 He Allows His Love to Show

If he makes you feel like you're hard to love, then you don't want him around you. He should make you feel special. If he's constantly pointing out your flaws and acting like he's doing you a favor by being with you, dump him. You deserve better.

6 He Lets You Choose

Neither one of you should be making all of the decisions. You should be able to come to a compromise, or at least take turns picking which restaurant to go to for dinner. It's dangerous for one of you to have more power than the other. You have to find a balance in order to keep things healthy.

7 He Understands Your Anger

If you're mad at him for doing something silly, he might not agree with your reasoning, but he should understand it. He shouldn't make you feel bad for getting annoyed with him. A respectful boyfriend remains respectful, even during your worst fights.

You don't want to be in a relationship with someone who doesn't value your worth. You're an amazing person who deserves to feel special. Never settle for a partner who treats you like you're a bother to be with. What do you consider the most important trait for a man to have?

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