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7 Ways to Catch His Attention and Keep It ...

By Alicia

So, maybe there is a guy you like and you are looking for ways to catch his attention. You might even be dating him or married to him. Whatever the status is with this guy that has you looking for ways to catch his attention, these ideas will work. It can actually be quite fun trying them out.

1 Smile

One of the very best ways to catch his attention is to smile at him. It sounds too simple to work, doesn’t it? But it actually does work and quite well. The trick is to give him a smile and hold it for several seconds. Don’t be surprised if he even asks you what you are smiling about. Be ready with a good answer!

2 Lean Forward

Leaning forward when a man talks to you can give him the message that you are very interested in what he is saying. And when he knows he has a captive audience, he is certainly going to take notice. Not only will he enjoy your attentiveness but he is very likely to go on talking for quite a while, which is something that most women really enjoy. We all love a guy who wants to open his heart and share his thoughts with us. Letting him know you are paying close attention by leaning forward will help him to do that.

3 Wear Red

This one surprised me a bit but men actually notice women that are wearing red more than women who are not. Maybe this is because men struggle with a degree of color blindness and this bright, bold color is an easy one for their eye to enjoy. Whatever the reason, if you are trying to catch his attention, comb your closet for something red to wear. If you don’t have anything in this color then it just may be time to go shopping. A solid top in this hue is just the ticket here.

4 Wear Your Hair down

If your hair is long, wear it down. Most men, but certainly not all, like long hair. You can get bonus points if you play with a strand of it a bit. This is a great way to catch a man’s attention. You are drawing his attention in and he may just be captivated by you when you do this.

5 Laugh at His Jokes

Most men cannot resist a woman who he can entertain. There is a bit of a little boy in most men. This little boy on the inside loves the challenge of seeing if he can make someone laugh and when you do, he is a happy man. He may keep right on telling jokes to see if he can make you keep right on laughing. Your appreciation of his humor will flatter him.

6 Wink

A flirtatious little wink will certainly catch a man’s attention. It gives him the message that you noticed him and you like what you see. This is a great way to put the ball in a man’s court, too. One little wink isn’t so hard to manage. This is an easy way you can turn it back to him and wait and see what he does next.

7 Don’t Speak First

This is a bit of a game changer. Give a guy your smile and just wait. If you speak first, you lose. If you wait and just continue giving him a pretty smile when he looks your way, you are guaranteed to be noticed. The goal is to get him interested enough that he talks first and strikes up a conversation with you.

Now it’s your turn, ladies. What methods do you use to catch his attention? What has gave you guaranteed success in this area?

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