7 Things to do after a Fight ...


Relationship fights are some of the worst, but what are some of the things to do after a fight that will make you both feel closer to one another and could just prevent future fights from happening? The things to do after a fight are almost as important as the fights, as you need time to cool off, time to really develop with each other. For me, the 'after the fight' part is the best. I feel closer to Lyndsie and we really have a better connection because I know we are working out our problems.

1. Hug Each Other

By far, one of the greatest things to do after a fight is to hug each other. It'll instantly make you feel closer and it actually can end a fight. One tip though, don't hug your girlfriend or boyfriend before they are ready to be hugged. It won't make the fight end and it can make things worse. One of the questions that I always ask after a fight is if we can hug it out. It breaks the tension!

Makeup Sex


Stephanie Tutin
I don't think I've ever had a fight thank god!
I think this will help I didn't do these things after my fights but now I will try some of them.
Gabriella Sophia
I'm not sure about make up sex... I like sex to be about love, and the craziness and wildness attached to love, not about getting your frustrations our on each other. For me, that would put sex down a bit to be worth less :/
Ana Sims
I agree with @Kim Aylward - apologize after a fight!
Kim Aylward
How about apologize?!
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