7 Things to do if Your Ex Won't Leave You Alone ...


What do you do when an ex won't leave you alone? If you have an ex that just won't leave you alone, it might be time to look into some tips and tricks to make sure that he leaves you alone. Below, I've got the top 7 things to do if you're ex won't leave you alone! So ladies, let's kick those exes to the curb and take a look at my tips on what to do if an ex won't leave you alone!

1. Talk to Him

One of the best ways to communicate when an ex won't leave you alone is by talking to him. Who knows, maybe he just needs to closure, maybe he just needs to see that you are ready to move on. Talking to him can actually be something that will help him get over you and can actually help him leave you alone. Just make it clear that you two aren't together anymore, so he needs to let you go.

Remind Him Why You Broke up


My x still bothers me he keep on calling me and a lot of stuff in school so idk wht I should do he said one last kiss to leave him alone and I kissed him and now he is in love with me and my secrete b...
That's great! It sounds like he is a complete jerk! You don't need that at all, you can do so much better!
Good for you girl! It sounds like you deserve better than to be treated like that.
Alone* ( now to finish) but It might not last. On the last day of school he followed me around all day! Ugh he dose not realize that it was his fault that he liked about 4 other girls! And he even sta...
I dumped my ex and he was so selfish.... It Got from obsessive Facebook stalking to a bunch of texts that are corny. To where he got All my buds involved! He even started flirting with me and I told ...
My ex is too emotional..
I had a crazy ex who find as many ways to threaten me and make my life horrible in order to get me back. I ignored him completely and even blocked him. Took him a few months for him to realise that I'll never get back to him.
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