7 Great Ways to Get through a Bad Date ...

We’ve all been on bad dates before and I wanted to refresh our memories with some tips for a bad date to help us get through those tough times. Bad dates can be emotionally and physically draining so use these easy ways to survive a bad date without losing faith in dating and love! Don’t lose hope; there are good dates out there!

1. Open Your Mind

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A great tip for a bad date is to keep your mind open. Even if you were completely turned off by his clothes, car, hair, awkwardness or whatever, try your best to keep an open mind. You never know what’s going on in his life or what he’s gone through lately so try to look past these things. Maybe he’s hopelessly fashion challenged or extremely shy, either way, don’t be too quick to write off someone just based on first impressions!

2. Nip It in the Bud

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If you’re wondering how to survive a bad date with someone who’s obviously a jerk, don’t feel obligated to stick around. If he’s rude, pushy, perverted or all of the above, tell him to kick rocks and quit wasting any more of your precious time! Don’t let some imp ruin your night, salvage the evening by meeting a friend out and laugh the night away!

3. The Golden Rule

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One of the survival tips for a bad date is to utilize the golden rule. Even if this guy is obviously not your type physically, mentally or emotionally, think about how you would like someone to treat a friend of yours in the same situation. Be courteous, kind and actively engage yourself in the date and be a friend to the guy. Who knows, he could be your next best friend?!

4. Review and Redo

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Since we’re talking about tips on how to survive a bad date, it’s probably safe to assume that your date is a dud. If you’re experiencing awkward silences or you just can’t seem to get a good conversation going, think about starting things over. Propose to start the date over from the beginning and start fresh. Forget about what was said or done before and act as if the past never happened. Sometimes nervousness can get the best of us so why not offer up a second chance!

5. Make It Fun

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This bad date tip might sound silly but you can turn a bad date around to a fun night with the right attitude! Even if you’re not exactly vibing with the guy, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Make the best out of your night by enjoying some good food and drinks, dance, people watch or do whatever you find fun. Your date might not be into it but it’s not your job to entertain him, so have fun!

6. Stay Positive

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A bad date tip to follow is to maintain a positive attitude and go with the flow. Even though you could be doing something much more productive with your time, it’s going to make for a funny story and you won’t be stuck there forever! Be a good date regardless of how the date is going for good dating karma. And even if you’re totally not feeling your date, he’s got feelings too so be kind. Make it clear that you’re not interested in him in a romantic way but be a good sport!

7. Leave

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Want to know how to survive a bad date with someone who’s a total creep-leave! If he’s being too touchy, overly aggressive, verbally abusive to you or anyone else or just plain makes you feel uncomfortable, get out of the situation as fast as possible. You don’t want to set anyone with a bad temper off so ask a friend to bail you out if need be but just get away from him!

These tips for a bad date might not show you how to escape the situation but it might help the night go much smoother! As awkward or boring your date might be, it will come to an end and you will survive! You do have some control over how the night goes for you so make sure you make the best of it and try and have fun! Do you have any bad date horror stories? What are your bad date survival tips?

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