8 Tips to Initiate the Break up ...


8 Tips to Initiate the Break up ...
8 Tips to Initiate the Break up ...

When you are looking for a way to initiate a break up, the reasons could be long – but how do you actually do it? How do you actually break up with someone? It can be one of the hardest things in the world to do, but someone has to do it right? This is especially true if you aren't happy. So girls, if you are looking for ways to initiate a break up, I've got the top 8 ways. Below, we're going to explore some easy ways to initiate a break up that won't crush your boyfriend, but will let him down easy!

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Be Prepared to Answer Questions

Girls, when you are the person that is initiating a break up, you want to make sure that you are prepared to answer questions that your boyfriend might have. You might have to answer why you are breaking up with him. What is going to happen next. What he could have done differently. You want to be prepared for this, otherwise it could be a little awkward when he continues to ask questions.


Stay Calm

Even if you are at the point where you are very, very angry at your boyfriend and that is one of the reasons why you are breaking up with him, you never want to break up in an angry way. Instead, one of the top ways to initiate a break up is to just be calm and state your reasons for breaking up. Remember girls, you wouldn't want someone that is yelling at you and not calm when they are breaking up with you.


Don't do It in Public

Another tip to follow when you are looking for ways to initiate a break up is to do it in private. You never want to break up with your boyfriend in public – it can cause a scene and it could actually be worse. Just take him somewhere private or do it at your apartment – or his apartment if you two don't live together.


Focus on What Isn't Working

It is important when you are looking for ways to initiate a break up is to focus on what isn't working. Girls, you don't want to get caught up in a conversation about how your relationship is working and how you might be able to work it out. Instead, focus on why you want to initiate a break up and why it isn't working.


Be Civil

When you are looking for ways to initiate a break up, make sure that you are going to be civil to him. This one all ties into being calm, cool and collected – after all, you want to appear the mature one. Even if he gets upset and starts to yell, remember, you are the one that is mature and civil to him.


Treating him with respect and empathy is crucial, regardless of the reasons behind your decision. It's not just about maintaining your dignity—it's about acknowledging the time you've shared together. Use I statements to express your feelings without assigning blame, such as "I feel" or "I need". Even though you're ending the relationship, it's possible to do so with kindness and preserve mutual respect. After all, ending things on a positive note, whenever possible, can help both parties move on with a sense of closure and without unnecessary bitterness.


Choose Your Words Carefully

Whenever you are the one to initiate a break up, you have to make sure that you are choosing your words extremely carefully. You do not want to be mean, you basically just want to state your reasons as to why it isn't going to work and leave it at that. There isn't any reason for name calling or excessive sarcasm ladies!


Plan out How Long You Will Spend on the Break up

Before you go about finding ways to initiate a break up, you want to make sure that you sketch out a game plan on how long you are going to be spending with your ex. The reasoning behind this is because you don't want to spend an hour trying to end a relationship – but you also don't want to rush through it. You've got to have a cut-off point.


Break up in Person

Finally ladies, my last tip when you are looking for ways to initiate a break up is to do it in person. The worst thing in the world is to break up over the phone or even to break up via a text message. Do it in person ladies, it will make it all better in the end and he'll appreciate it!

Well girls, there you have it! If you've been looking for a way to initiate a break up, I've got my top 8 ways! So girls, do you have any other ways to initiate a break up? Anything you've used in the past?

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usually when im calmed...my sorrows went off....so i can still be patience to tolerate him...

Hi Heather! LOVE your posts! Would you please be able to do a few more on long distance relationships? My partner and I have been together a year and a half now and I'm leaving to work interstate for a year...We really want to make it work while I'm gone, but I'm so nervous! Thankyou! x

I'm in the middle of this right now. I'm 20, in my first relationship for a little over two years. I feel used for my money, car, food, apartment, everything. I'm done. I'm out of love. And, we fight constantly and have agreed to "keep it casual." This won't work, because we were way too in love, wayyy too involved for a "first relationship." The only problem is he's still really into me whether it's for the love, or (what I think) for what I can give him because he's extremely needy, unlucky, and broke. Am I right for wanting to go through the rest of my early 20s without being financially supportive of a man? HOW do I tell him I'm done when everyone tells me I'm so great to him, his family and friends love me, etc.? Please if you have any advice...not only you, Heather, but anyone else too. :(

Hi , i was in relationship for about two years. It not easy time He argument with me alot , he broke up with me for more than year now , i cant over him , i try hard to not connection with him , delete all of his memory emails. linkedin account After broken he add me again in linkedin i delete him , after one month i re add him We didnt communication all that time I just try hard to over him but i cant i still thinking of him all the time especially when i see his pic in linkedin Also He work in my company so i know his news by coincidence , Im confused shall i delete his account , what if he had good promotion in work should i congrat him , or not ? Really i dont know when i can over and forget him

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