8 Important Steps for Curing a Broken Heart Fast ...

By Heather

8 Important Steps for Curing a Broken Heart Fast ...

There are many ways to cure a broken heart fast, but you also want to cure it so it stays healed. If you are dealing with a broken heart right now, you definitely want to read below as I detail out all of the ways to cure a broken heart fast. Breaking up is heart. Very hard to get through, but with these steps on how to cure a broken heart fast, you should be able to get through it!

1 Cut-off All Communication

It's hard, I know to move forward and cut off all communication, but it's a necessary step. If you're looking to cure a broken heart fast, you've got to cut off all of the communication with your ex, just for a little while at least. It's hard to get over an ex quickly, but if you don't talk to him, you'll see a huge difference in how you feel.

2 Cry It out

You have to make sure that you give yourself time to cry it on out. By not giving yourself time to cry it all out, you aren't giving yourself time to cleanse your body and move forward. One of the paths to curing a broken heart fast is by allowing yourself time to grieve the relationship, especially if it was one that you've been in for quite a while.

3 Make a Con List

Most of the time, you want to make a pro and con list, but in this instance, you want to make a con list. A con list could include everything from the way that your ex treated you all the way to the way that he didn't clean up ever. This will actually help you in the long run to cure a broken heart fast.

4 Designate Ego Boosters

When you are going through a break up, it's absolutely one of the necessities to have a support system. Going through a breakup is so hard and it doesn't get easier either. This is why designating your ego boosters is essential. These should be people that help build you up, not ever tear you down. They can absolutely make a huge difference in just how quickly you get over your breakup!

5 Rejuvenate Yourself

Taking a few days off from the world is a great way to really reinvent and rejuvenate yourself. Take a spa day, go out on a small, mini vacation. Take a few days off from work. Trust me, when you really take the time to focus in on yourself, you'll be able to cure a broken heart that much faster!

6 Girls Night

If you can't take a mini vacation right away, why not take a weekend night to go out on the town with girls? You don't need to be picking up guys to have fun, but who knows, maybe you can meet Mr. Rebound boyfriend at the club or at the restaurant you go to!

7 Avoid His Friends

Remember the cutting off all ties commitment that you are going to make? That means his friends too. When you're dealing with an ex, you want to avoid everything that really reminds you of him and that includes hanging out with his friends.

8 Start a Hobby

Finally ladies, you want to focus all of that negative energy toward something positive and the quickest way to cure a broken heart is to start a new hobby! Painting, cooking, cleaning – who knows what hobby you might want to try out there! For me, it was all about writing.

Looking for ways to cure a broken heart fast isn't easy. Love is fickle and hard to handle, especially if you've been dumped. So ladies, what ways to cure a broken heart fast have you tried in the past?

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