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7 Things to do when You Are Bored in Your Relationship ...

By Alicia

When you are bored in your relationship, you can get discouraged. But it isn’t a hopeless situation. There are things you can do when you are bored in your relationship to add the excitement again. Try any of these 7 things to make a difference between the two of you.

1 Remember Why You Fell in Love

You know, it is really easy to get caught up in the business of all you have going on. You may have school, work or family commitments keeping you distracted. It can really help to remember why you fell in love when you are bored in your relationship. This isn’t hard. Take a little walk down memory lane and you will soon be feeling those butterflies all over again.

2 Set a Weekly Date

It is important to do things together. Sometimes we get in the habit of just hanging out. That can be a good thing but it is also important to have quality time together. That kind of time is when you solely focus on each other and your relationship. Setting a weekly date is a good solution for when to do that. This is important to any relationship, whether you have been together twenty five days or twenty five years.

3 Read a Book Together about Relationships

You know, it is always good to keep our minds open and want to learn how to have a better relationship. One way to do this is to read a book about relationships. You can learn to communicate better while you are adding an element of excitement in the relationship. It also opens up some great discussions. If your guy isn’t a reader, buy him the audiobook of the book you are reading so you can talk about it together.

4 Just Have Fun

We forget to have fun sometimes. We just get caught up in the routine of life. Injecting some fun and laughter into that can be the best solution. Share a joke together or watch a comedy with one another. It is surprising how easy it can be to have fun together.

5 Do Your Own Thing

You know, I think we ladies forget it is important to pursue our own interests after we are in a committed relationship. It isn’t good to get totally wrapped up in your guy. Keep your own interests, hobbies and friendships up. If you hit a patch in your relationship where it seems boring, get excited about something else going on in your life. That excitement can spill over into your relationship, too.

6 Focus on Your Part

This is something I am still learning several years into a wonderful marriage. Instead of focusing on what you want your guy to do for you, shift your focus to your role. What can you do for him? What would make him happy and feel loved? This can definitely make things exciting between the two of you again.

7 Be Patient

Sometimes, we are too quick to worry over nothing. A little rut of boredom is nothing in the big scheme of things. It may even work itself out. All relationships have cycles so you just may need to be patient until some excitement comes along again. Relax and trust in your relationship together.

These are 7 things you can do when you are bored in your relationship. What things have you tried? What has gave you the most success in making things exciting again?

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