9 Things We Wish 🤞🏽💭Guys Did More Often 🌈 ...

There's probably a laundry list of things we wish guys would do more often. How many times have you sat around with your girlfriends talking about the guy you’re with and complaining that he doesn’t do a, b, or c?

This past weekend was definitely the case for my girlfriends. After cracking open a bottle of wine, and listening to my friends divulge their man struggles to me, I realized so many of my girlfriends and I have had the same exact complaints over the years. Low and behold, here are nine things we wish guys did more often.

1. Be More Flirtatious in Texts

The worst feeling is to try and be flirty with a dude, and he blatantly shuts you down. It just is such an unnecessary feeling of rejection. How a guy you’re dating/seeing/hooking up with/in a relationship with doesn’t want to have sexual banter still baffles me. All we want is a little playfulness, a little sexting, a little foreplay so the next time we see the guy, there’s a bit of built up sexual tension. Plus, it’s nice to have some spontaneous moments of getting hot and bothered during the day or night.