6 Types of Toxic Men to Avoid at All Costs ...

By Reem

6 Types of Toxic Men to Avoid at All Costs ...

Dating is a wonderful experience to learn more about your love decisions, but know the types of toxic men will help you choose the right man. While many men might seem to be perfect, it is important not to rush. There are several warning signs about toxic men that you should recognize before you start a new relationship. Most behaviors only grow worse, so in order to avoid a frustrating long-term relationship don’t gloss over these red flags. Below are 6 types of toxic men that you should avoid at all costs.

1 The Alcoholic

An alcoholic doesn’t have a clear image of himself. Meaning, you might never know who he really is and what he stands for. Nothing ever becomes serious with him. One of the worst types of toxic men is one who drinks too much.

2 The Manipulator

Why would he act in a different way in front of other girls? This man is guided only by what he wants. You can almost guarantee that he's going to cheat on you or hurt you in some way at some point.

3 The Belittler

This guy will constantly feel superior to you and be in control of the relationship. He’ll always belittle your thoughts and opinions and make you feel down.

4 The Avoider

I know a man might not be a big phone person, but replying to your texts shouldn’t bother him, right? Responding to your messages and phone calls is an act of courtesy, kindness and respect.

5 Not Ready to Commit

What's the point in building a relationship when he’s a commitment-phobe? If he’s afraid of commitment, nothing serious like marriage or raising a child will be important to him. This guy will only ruin your emotions and expectations.

6 The Non-Romantic

After several dates, the dullness begins to creep in. However, you have the right to love so if you don't feel it, it's time to move on.

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