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What Men Should Know before Dating a Strong Woman ...

By Tania

I was scrolling down my timeline and I saw the following question posed, “Why are so many strong women single?” If you're like me, you're also wondering what men should know about dating strong women.

I began thinking about this, as I consider myself to be a strong woman and wondered why I have yet to find that special someone to call my own. I began by looking up the definition of the word strong and I really gave it some thought. With that said, I would like to start by saying that being a strong woman is not a self-affirmation and we don’t have to tell ourselves we are strong to believe it. Strong women are not born, they are made, by facing life’s challenges and being able to endure them and persevering while most people wouldn’t even begin to fathom how to handle such circumstances. So, here's what men should know about dating strong women.

1 Strong Women Know Their Worth

One answer to what men should know about dating strong women is that they know their worth. Strong women have high expectations for themselves and expect nothing but excellence and require the same when dating. The expectation begins from the time you meet someone. How you approach him determines whether he exchanges numbers with you and takes it further or if he’ll simply be cordial and leave you where you are. When thinking about what a strong woman is, you must consider that they have a lot of life experience and have had every approach imaginable when they meet someone. Through those interactions, they have learned what will work and what is unacceptable.

The illusion that strong women are desperate and you can approach them any kind of way is mistaken. Strong women are most likely excellent communicators and, when approaching them, conversation makes all the difference. You don’t have to sell them a dream, lie to them or pretend to be someone you are not.

A strong woman can always tell when you are pretending. If you are interested in a strong woman, just be yourself. If she likes you, then perhaps it can go further, if not, you can move on because you two just simply weren’t compatible. If you are unable to form a complete sentence or you don’t know how to converse without engaging them, you will not be anything more than a mere day to day interaction.

2 Strong Women Are Perceptive

In some situations, being a great judge of character is very helpful but as it pertains to finding love, it can be a deterrent. I say it’s a deterrent because we can see insincerity and in today’s shallow world, insincerity is like an epidemic.

I consider myself to be a very perceptive person and when someone is not genuine, I can tell. When looking for sincerity, it is in the tone of voice, the body language and in the very words someone chooses to use.

A strong woman can tell when a man is not being honest with her and she tends to look between the lines. It’s not always a good thing to look between the lines because sometimes you can misread what is being said, but in most cases, there is always a deeper meaning.

Take a man that texts you only during the day when he’s at work and when he gets home the text messages stop. Some women may just see that the man is “tired” and took a shower and went right to bed. Yes, this can be the case, but it is most likely not the obvious explanation. It says to me that this man is attached and cannot continue to text someone else with the significant other around. I know this situation well because I have been there.


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3 Strong Women do Not Tolerate Foolishness

Let’s take dating these days. Guys want to call you immediately to “have your number” or make sure “you’re giving them the right number”. There is also the matter of guy’s initial engagement being via text. Doesn’t seem like it should be an issue, right? Well, it isn’t an issue until the guy’s only source of communication with you is via text. There are so many women in the world that accept a man only texting them rather than calling but when you meet a strong woman, she is typically a grown woman and is not interested in only communicating via text.

There are so many things that can get miscommunicated while texting because the other party can perceive the text in their own way based on their life experiences and their personal thoughts and behaviors toward how they treat others. For the strong women who are intolerant of the male that only sends text messages, there are ten more available that they will not have to try as hard to get. This brings me to my next point.

4 Strong Women Are a Lot of Work

These days, people are all about instant gratification, but why work so hard to get a strong woman when you can do the bare minimum and get the easy chick? Strong women are hard to get. We know our worth and will not let anyone devalue us and will not deviate from what we truly want just for the sake of saying, “I have a man”. Strong women are not materialistic and the attributes that impress them cannot be bought at a store. They care only about what you can offer them that doesn’t have monetary value as those are the qualities that will enrich and fulfill them.

Strong women are not hard to get. However, it takes a little bit more of an effort to get them. They will not settle for mediocrity in their personal lives and certainly not in their love lives. They desire and require more than the bare minimum of what a lot of other women accept and they know they are worth it. They set standards for themselves and it’s up to you to rise to the occasion, especially if she’s worth it. Not all strong women are worth that effort but just as strong women are perceptive, it’s up to men to see the value in the woman before him rather than comparing her to others.

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