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10 Things Women do That Turn Men on ...

By Sici

There are lots of things women do that turn men on. When it comes to the libidos of most men, the truth of the matter is that a woman can pretty much turn up in a full snowsuit with no makeup and there would still be something about her that got a guy hot under the collar! Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a high sex drive. Sex is one of the must fun and beautiful things in the world, but it does have to be said that there are certain things us girls do that turn guys on more than others.

Of course, sexuality and what your preferences are are completely individual to you as a person, but over the course of history and sexuality, there is no doubting that certain characteristics and actions have always been regarded as ‘hot’ and 'sexy’. From golden age sex symbols like Marilyn Monroe to modern beauties like Kim Kardashian right down to the normal ladies of the world just like us, there are certain feminine qualities that we all share, which, if exposed and used in the right ways, can have men panting in the palms of our hands!

As an individual you are probably aware of the kinds of things that get your own partner hot under the collar, but have you ever wondered what the general consensus might be? Check out this fun video that runs through the ten most popular things women do that turn men on!

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