10 Unexpected 😱 Things We Find Attractive 😍 about Men πŸ§” ...

Men, can’t live with them, can’t live without them! Okay, so this might not be the case for everyone, but I definitely think there is some truth to the old-fashioned saying. The great thing about crushes and physical attraction is that different things can catch the eye of different people, which means that no matter what you look like and how you act, there is going to be someone out there who digs it! Take a look at this list, for example, it will help you to see that beauty definitely is in the eyes of the beholder! Here are ten unexpected things that we find attractive about men!

1. Soft Spots

We like a bit of muscle, but the parts we love best are the little soft spots that can make a hunky guy instantly feel more relatable and real!

2. Playing Game

We like a guy who can play the dating game with expertise. I’m not saying we like to be messed around, but a little playful back and forth never hurt anybody.

3. Cradling

There is something really attractive about a guy who isn’t afraid to buck gender roles and be the one who is cradled in bed. We like being big spoon sometimes!

4. Arm Hair

It’s not necessarily something we want on our own bodies, but arm hair on a guy can be really sexy, especially if you can do something to make it stand on end!

5. Crying

There is something really attractive about a guy who isn’t afraid to show his emotions. Crying in front of someone is about as vulnerable as you get.

6. Long Hair

I don’t know what it is about a man with long hair, but doesn’t he actually seem manlier in a weird way? Maybe it goes back to the days of sexy cavemen with no access to hairdressers!

7. Humility

Lots of guys try to act overconfident with lots of bravado, if only they knew that what we actually really attractive is a sense of humility!

8. Sexual Respect

We like guys who know what they are doing in the bedroom, but more importantly, we like guys who have a good grasp of what consent and respect is. We like to be asked what we like and if things are okay.

9. Laugh Lines

A guy who has visible laugh lines is clearly a guy who is going to provide you with a really fun time. There is also an edge of wisdom that can be gleaned from laugh lines too!

10. Posture

Liking a good posture is probably something that again goes way back in evolution when mates were looking for the best physical features in one another, but this one has definitely stood the test of time. There is nothing like a guy who can stand up straight with his chest puffed confidently out!