8 Things Men Think about before the First Date ...


8 Things Men  Think about before the First Date ...
8 Things Men  Think about before the First Date ...

Did you really think that women are the only ones who spend hours thinking about the first date? Well, time to set things straight. Men do think and sometimes obsess about the first date as much as women. Maybe the things that men and women think about are a little different. Or maybe they are not. Here are some of the thoughts that cross his mind before a first date.

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What do I Wear?

Yes, they do think about it. They might change a couple of shirts until they find the one with the perfect fit that will show off their abs and muscled arms. It’s less for what you will think of his clothes and more about what makes him comfortable and confident about himself. And men might not have to put some make up on but he will still spend some time on his hair.


Where Will I Take Her?

If you haven’t made plans on where you will go then he will take some time to think where he will take you. He will think over the options and get a little anxious if you will like the place. He will sure be delighted if you have a few suggestions yourself though. It will remove his unnecessary stress.


Should I Take Condoms with Me?

He does think about that for about 0.4 seconds and even if he knows that there is a great possibility that he won’t need them, he will still grab some. If you happen to see them, don’t judge him. He doesn’t think you are easy, he is just being responsible. And maybe he is just really so much into you he can hardly wait. But that doesn’t mean he will push you to it.


Men think of many things before a first date, but one of the most important is whether or not to take condoms. Though it may seem like a judgement, it is actually a responsible decision. A man may think that he may not need the condoms, but it is still important to be prepared. It is also possible that he is so into the woman he is going out with that he can't wait to be intimate with her. However, it doesn't mean that he will pressure her into it.

When it comes to first dates, men also think about what to wear, what to say, and where to go. They want to make a good impression and make sure that the woman enjoys her time. In addition, men may think about how to act, how to be funny, and how to make sure the conversation flows. They may also think about how to make the date memorable and how to follow up after the date.

Men also think about how to be respectful. They want to make sure that the woman feels safe and respected during the date. They may think about how to ask her permission before doing certain things, such as touching her. They also want to make sure that they don't cross any boundaries.


Will She Be on Time?

If you have plans to meet somewhere, the fleeting thought of whether you will appear on time or stand him up for a while will cross his mind. It’s not his fault, it’s the common stereotypes men believe about women. That we are always late. Make sure to be on time on your part, or else he will get really anxious of whether you are going to appear. And if you have plans for him to pick you up, make sure you are ready on time.


How Will She Be?

If you just met, and you still don’t know each other at all, he can’t help but imagine a few possibilities of what you’ll be like. He will wonder about your character, your interests, your life in general.


What Are We Going to Talk about All Night?

Men usually don’t like to talk but this is the point of going to a date. To get to know each other. And the fact that there might be some dead air between you and him, will stress him out. He might even make imaginary conversations in his head just to have a back up topic to talk about in case he runs out of things to discuss with you.


The conversation is an important part of any date, and it can be especially daunting for men. Men often feel pressure to make sure that the conversation is interesting and engaging. They may feel anxious about not having enough to talk about or running out of topics to discuss.

To help alleviate some of the anxiety, men may do some research ahead of time to come up with conversation topics. They may also think of some questions to ask their date in order to get to know them better. This can help them to feel more prepared and confident.

Men also may think about how to make the conversation flow naturally. They may think about how to transition from one topic to the next, as well as how to keep the conversation going. They may also think about how to make sure that the conversation is enjoyable and not one-sided.

In addition, men may think about how to be a good listener. This means being attentive and engaged in the conversation. Listening is an important part of communication and can help to make the conversation more meaningful.


Will She like Me?

You accepted his proposal to go out or maybe you were the one to ask him out but that doesn’t ensure you will like him. So he will spent some time stressing over that thought. The more he likes you, the more he will stress about it.


I Hope She Won’t Be Stuck on Her Phone

It happens more times than you think. Two people go on a date and because they are both a little anxious and awkward they spent their time checking their phone. Or their phone will keep ringing with texts from friends and family that might be also eager to know how the date is going. He won’t like it if you check your phone all the time. It’s possible he will think you don’t like him and you can’t wait for the time to get out of there.

If you spent the entire day thinking over your first date with a new man, don’t feel bad. Know that far away, in his house he is spending his time thinking over the same things as well. Exactly because he can’t help but think about it, he might spend his day doing anything, from sports to reading or helping a friend build a wall. Anything to take his mind off it. He is just as nervous as you are. Especially if he really likes you. In the end, enjoy your date and take comfort in knowing that you might both be a little anxious about how it will turn out.

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