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12 Things Men Hate Hearing from Women ...

By Konstantina

There are some things that men really hate to hear from women. They are tired of hearing them, sometimes because those things are stereotypes about men that annoy them, others because they have heard them millions of times before or because they don’t know how to respond to them. Either way, you should really avoid saying these things to your man. He is really tired of hearing them.

1 You Have Nice Handwriting for a Man

job,They absolutely hate that line. It’s a common stereotype that men don’t have a good handwriting and that usually theirs is messy and hard to read. So men really hate it when you say that. It’s not the “you have nice handwriting” part that annoys them. It’s the “for a man” part. So avoid saying it. Just compliment him on his handwriting without making this distinction.

2 Talk to Me

tree, girl, grass, conversation, recreation,They don’t like to hear that because first, men usually don’t like to talk much and second, they might not want to talk for whatever is in their minds but if they don’t, there is a possibility you will get angry. They will talk when they want to talk. Don’t push them into it.


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3 Who Are You Talking to?

finger, nail, product, hand, business,The minute this phrase leaves your lips, it’s like red, warning lights are going off in their heads that you are an incurable jealous person. They don’t like to answer to you for every text or call they receive. They will feel crowded and it won’t take much until they decide that your jealousy is too much for them to handle and show you the door.

4 Don’t Throw Your Stuff Everywhere

blue, light, electric blue,They heard it millions of times from their mothers, they don’t want to hear it from you, too. You are their partner, not their mother. If you live together and this is becoming a serious problem, pick a day and talk to him about it. Make sure to approach the matter without hysterics and hope he will listen.

5 I’ll Be Ready in a Minute

stemware, hourglass, drink, wine glass, glass,It is what you said five minutes ago and will repeat ten minutes from now. Better tell your man the truth, than telling him you’ll be ready in a minute and take an hour to get ready. He is tired of listening to it.

6 You Don’t Understand Me

shoulder, product, hand, finger, business,The reason men hate that specific statement is because they know it’s true. Women are a mystery to men and vice versa. They don’t understand you and even if they try they still might not get you. You don’t have to remind them all the time. They know.

7 Don’t Eat so Much

food, fast food, junk food, dish, hamburger,Men really don’t like this one. And the reason is simple. Sometimes they are way more self conscious about their bodies then women are. Even if their bodies are perfect. So, when you tell them not to eat so much it annoys them. Besides, before you say that, think that men in general eat more. What you see as a lot, it’s just regular to them.

8 You Don’t like Me

man, male, muscle, human body, fun,Men don’t like hearing that because it’s not true and also because no matter how much they try they will not change your opinion at the moment. Fighting a guaranteed lost battle is not their idea of fun. They are tired of hearing you use that as an excuse for every time he turns you down for something or disagrees with you.

9 Driving Instructions

car, sky, road, highway, infrastructure,They might have no idea where they are going. They might be so lost that you were driving in Austria and ended up in the Czech Republic. But they still won’t stop to ask for directions and they won’t take yours. The car is their business, or so they think and they are the only ones who know where to go. Don’t try to give them instructions, they won’t hear it and the only thing you will succeed at is to make him annoyed. And also don’t take it personally. Most of the time, they won’t even listen to the GPS.

10 Let’s Go Buy You Some Clothes

boutique, retail, interior design, flooring,Men really hate that one. They don’t need you to tell them how to dress. They can choose their own clothes. And also they feel insulted. They think you don’t like them as they are and you want to change their style.

11 Do You Love Me?

wood, lighting, lumber, wood stain, flooring,Yes, they are so tired of hearing that one. They prefer it when you let them say that they love you when they want to say it and not when you ask for it. Why? Because if they don’t say it you get mad, and when they do say it, is comes to number 12.

12 That’s All?

pink, flower arranging, floristry, centrepiece, petal,When you ask them to tell you they love you and they are, most women will find it plain and not enough. So they will start asking why they were so blunt and simple in saying it. When you ask them to say it, you will get an almost mechanical response. If you want to hear more sweet words from them, let them tell you when they want to and not when you ask them.

Men have some simple things that they simply don’t like hearing because they have heard it a lot of times before and it’s getting tiring. Women have their own triggers and so do men. Avoid telling your partner these things. He doesn’t want to hear from you what he has heard from all the women in his life.

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